Electronic Drums

Electronic Drums

Electronic drum kits have become popular alternatives to their acoustic counterparts, and we’ve got an enviable range of them available! 


From established, industry-leading brands such as Roland, Yamaha, Alesis and 2Box, you can be sure to find the perfect electronic drum kit for you at the right price.

Electronic drum kits are no longer a gimmick. Serving as ideal practice tools for drummers that want to remain friendly with their neighbours, many modern electronic kits boast a range of realistic drum samples and offer a convincing and genuine feel. 

Roland's high-end TD series of drum interfaces provide you with great control to fine-tune your sounds, and the accurate feel of Remo’s mesh heads give an expressive, natural and enjoyable drumming experience. The versatility of the TD series makes them ideal for gigging and the studio too, allowing players to easily plug directly into PA systems or recording interfaces. Some kits also feature MIDI integration, letting you record and trigger straight into DAW’s like Logic Pro or Cubase.

Another more exciting way to embrace electronic percussion is through hybrid drumming. This is to combine both acoustic and electronic elements in your setup. It opens up doors to a whole world of sound possibilities and is becoming increasingly important to many drummers including Karl Brazil and Craig Blundell. There are many ways to set up a hybrid kit, including incorporating multiple pads, a drum brain, and even attaching Roland’s RT series of triggers to shells to augment the acoustic drum sound.

If you’re on a budget and looking for an entry-level electronic kit, then take a look at some of our Yamaha and Alesis kits. Mostly featuring rubber heads, these kits may not offer as much of a realistic feel as those above the £1000 mark, however they still provide plenty of playability and familiarity not too far from an acoustic.

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