Music Software

Music Software

Musical software has completely changed the landscape for musicians in the last few decades. We now have the ability to record our own tracks with DAW recording software, mix and master our music with software plugins and  recreate iconic and hugely popular instruments and synths using powerful virtual instruments. 

Music software has also become a major composition tool; using music notation software Like Sibelius or Steinberg's Dorico to create professional scores, and creative DAW's to help build ideas from inception to full track.

We offer many of the most popular recording software suites like Pro Tools, Cubase, Reason and Ableton Live. Many DAWs come in a range of buying options, including Intro, standard and full suite options to cater to your price range and level of expertise.  Each System has it's own unique workflow and set of advantages, so it's worth having a good look before you make your final decision.

Virtual Instruments are fantastic. Once you have your chosen DAW, you can use Virtual instruments to recreate any sound in your head into a reality. The quality and scope of the Virtual Instrument software these days is mind boggling; Whether you're looking for a digital recreation of your favourite classic  synth, you want to create a completely new sound from scratch, or you simply want to replace the lazy drummer in your band with Toontrack's "Superior Drummer". Build up your studio with the tools to create "your sound" and the possibilities are endless. Choose from Industry legends such as SpectrasonicsRob PapenToontrackGarritan and many more in our Virtual Instruments & Softsynths section.

Studios used to need hugely expensive consoles, outboard, and rackmount mixing tools and effects to run. While some select units are still hugely revered, there's a huge amount of quality signal processing that you can now do "inside the box". As well as amazingly authentic recreations of vintage gear from industry standard names like Universal Audio and Waves, we also offer a number of intelligent mixing and mastering tools from Izotope to help you disect your mix and other quickmix tools to easily make quick decisions on the fly without getting bogged down by the minutia. We love the Waves Signature Series collections that are created in collaboration with the likes of Tony Maserati and  and Jack Joseph Puig, and Toontrack's Easy mix series is perfect where you want to focus on the music and less on the mix. 

Take a look at our full selection below!

If you're looking to get a number of plugins at once, we also sell a number of software packages like Native Instruments Komplete, Arturia's V Collection, Waves bundles and others; offering a fantastic price compared to if everything was bought separately.

Educational Software and Upgrades

Many companies offer discounts to their software for their loyal customers and  if you're a student or work in education. These often give fantastic savings, however you will have to be able to prove you are eligible for the particular discount, otherwise your software may not work.