Steinberg are perhaps best known for their Cubase software, one of the top 3 DAW production software suites on the market. They in fact do a wide range of software and hardware for all areas of media production.

Steinberg formed in 1984, when its founders Manfred Rürup and Karl “Charlie” Steinberg met each other at a recording session for a German rock band. They saw the potential of the brand new MIDI format with computers in music production. As a result they started working together on a new project which would become the first MIDI Multitrack Software.

It wasn’t till 1989, after years of development and research that their legendary software Cubase first came out. In the next few years it was soon available on Mac and PC. In 1991 it reached another major breakthrough, becoming the first software that could record audio directly to the computer, igniting the move from traditional reel to reel tape methods of recording. Yet another revolutionary moment came in 1996 when Cubase became the first native software to be able to incorporate VSTs (virtual studio technology) like virtual EQs, compressors and other effects into the system. Virtual instruments followed in 1999.

Since then Cubase has continued as one of the top recording and compositional tools on the market, and is a particular favourite of songwriters and film composers due to its unique workflow and unparalleled MIDI and virtual instrument integration.

Wavelab is another of Steinbergs industry leading software suites. First released in 1995, this powerful and intuitive audio editor for PC quickly became the standard application for many audio editing and mastering professionals in studio and post production environments.

Most recently, Steinberg released a brand new product called Dorico, a score writing and notation software. Built by a team of developers that originally worked on the Sibelius suite, Dorico looks to revitalise Score-writing software in the next few years with a brand new approach.