Synths & Workstations

Synths & Workstations

We have an enviable range of synthesizers and workstations in stock and available for free next day delivery! 

As a result, Our in-store synth wall features a huge array of brands; including well known favourites like Moog, Dave Smith and Roland as well as smaller brands like Dreadbox, Modal Electronics, Elektron and many more.

We work hard to bring in a wide variety of high quality synth modules, keyboards, and workstations. Whether a simple old-school 100% analogue synth is your thing, or you prefer the tweakability and advanced functions offered by a modern digital synth; we have something to suit your budget.

We know that for many non-technical musicians, getting into synths can be a bit daunting; but there’s a great selection of simple affordable synths from the likes of Korg and Arturia, which offer great sound, simple control and great functionality for their price.

If you’re serious about your keyboards, we have mono and polysynths from all the big brands, like Korg and Yamaha as well as modern trailblazers Teenage Engineering and Modal Electronics that will offer something completely new for your collection.