Electronic Drum Kits

Electronic Drum Kits

Browse through our comprehensive range of Electronic Drum Kits, offering a compact and versatile alternative to your acoustic kit! We stock both top of the range kits like the Roland V-drums electronic drum kit series and more affordable options from Alesis and much more!


Electronic Drum Kits Vs Acoustic Drum Kits

Electronic Drum kits have come a long way in the last 50 years. The quality and technology is now so good that the top V-drums are looking, feeling and sounding closer and closer to  a real acoustic kit. Advancements such as Roland's mesh drum head, multi-trigger cymbal pads and high quality sampling mean that professional players are no longer restricted in what they can do when playing an acoustic kit. Rim shots, pitch bends and different cymbal timbres are all now possible with the top end electronic drum kits.


Electronic drum kits are also fantastic for beginners too. Simple and affordable setups take up less space in the home than an acoustic kit. they are also easier to maintain, and can offer silent practice on headphones; an invaluable tool in a home environment! Electronic drum kits also add a valuable live element, Pendulum performed their cover of Taylor Swifts Antihero with an electronic drum kit and a mix of acoustic drum kit parts to achieve different sounds live. They also utilised acoustic drum tickets, check out our guide on Drum Triggers vs Electronic drums


Yamaha DTX Kits are always a good starting point when looking at Electronic drums. They offer the full range of options, from compact starter kits to the top of the range DTX920. Roland are the industry leaders in Electronic drums with their Roland V-drums series being one of the most authentic options on the market. Their flagship TD-50 kit is pretty much the bees knees in electronic drums, however they offer a number of cheaper alternatives like the TD-11 and TD-15 as well as some smaller scale portable kits like the TD-1. Alesis offer fantastic range of affordable options like the Nitro and the DM-Lite, but also have the Strike kit which offers a good balance between pro features, authentic feel and an affordable price.


From the DTX-Pad to the Roland Mesh-Head, each kit will have a different style and feel and ultimately it's down to personal opinion. Smaller scale companies like 2-Box offer another alternative design that will affect feel and playability. If you can get down to the store, it's worth trying these kits for yourself to see which design responds best to your style of play. You can also always upgrade components of your electronic kit, swap out some pads here, brain there, read more on how to upgrade your electronic drum kit