Zoom are a brand synonymous with producing affordable, versatile audio gear that caters for every need! 

Zoom are a Japanese manufacturer with a diverse product range. They’ve proved popular among guitarists for their affordable FX units, and among producers and engineers for their intuitive mixing tools, and even among journalists for their top-notch handheld recording devices!

A History of Zoom

Zoom was founded in 1983 in Tokyo, Japan. The company initially developed audio and MIDI solutions for other manufacturers, which helped them gain invaluable experience and momentum in the industry.

In 1990, however, they unveiled their first original product: the 9002, a compact multi-effects processor that could be attached to a guitar strap. In a time of technological innovation and an increased hype around digital technology, it was an instant success!

The 9010 and 9200 rack-mountable FX units soon followed, and soon became common units in studios worldwide. Zoom continued to innovate, exploiting the huge demand for compact, versatile effects units for guitarists and producers, expanding into foot pedals during the late ‘90s – these also proved massively popular.

It was in the mid-00s that they began to expand into pro-audio and recording technology. The release of the H4 Handy Recorder had a built-in microphone, 96/24 high-quality audio recording directly onto an SD card, and even built-in effects. It was one of the most versatile pieces of equipment to date, and it cemented them as a pivotal manufacturer in the industry!

The Zoom Range

Nowadays, the Zoom catalogue continues to expand as the company innovate with each year that comes. As their background suggests, they’ve carved two primary niches; guitar effects and mobile recording, though that’s not all they do.

Their guitar effects units come in a number of shapes and sizes, each one designed to suit a different style or requirement. They’re all known for their excellent value for money and comprehensive features. The G Series multi-FX units have an excellent reputation for being the perfect introduction to the world of guitar effects and tone. Don’t be fooled by their cheap price tags; these feature-packed stompboxes conceal every effect you could think of!

Their mobile recording range is, again, designed to suit a number of different applications. They’re ideal for home recording or demoing rough ideas during songwriting sessions, thanks to their versatile microphone options and built-in effects. They’re also compact and easy to use, making them perfect for on-the-go recording; gigs, interviews, events and so on.

Zoom also produce mixers, multitrack field recorders, audio accessories and even video cameras – yes, video cameras! If you have any questions about Zoom range, please contact us – in the meantime, check out the full range below!