Live Microphones

Live Microphones

For live performance, it’s essential to use a great-sounding microphone. As a singer, you want to ensure that your entire vocal range is captured with the ultimate clarity and definition.


Getting tangled in cables? Make sure to give a wireless microphone from our range a look!


After all, you always want to sound your absolute best, and with a great microphone your audience are provided with a true and genuine impression of your voice!

The sound quality of a microphone is obviously important, but you will also need one that is robust and road-worthy, capable of surviving night-after-night. The iconic Shure SM58 is renowned for its bullet-proof build and excellent dynamic range. It’s an industry standard for a reason!

However, there’s a huge range of microphones available today, and we stock loads of live mics from a raft of brands. With offerings from Shure, AKG, Audio Technica, Audix and more, we’re confident that no matter what your budget or needs are, you’ll find the perfect live mic at Andertons Music Co.

Live mics however aren’t just for vocalists though. We have mics specifically-designed for louder instruments, capable of handling more intense air pressures without distorting. We have drum mics such as the staple AKG D112 kick drum mic, as well as drum mic sets and bundles to let you record your entire kit straight away. The versatile Shure SM57 is great for a number of recording applications, popular for snare drums but also for guitar and bass cabinets.

If you’re curious to hear some live mics to help you make a decision, check out our “Is It Mics You’re Looking For?” series on the Andertons Music Tech YouTube channel. In this series, we take a look at specific microphones from different price ranges, and put them head-to-head to let you gauge the best. Also remember that we have a fantastic selection of recording mics in stock too, just click here to take a look!