Gretsch Drums

Gretsch Drums

Gretsch Drums are the percussion division of industry stalwarts, Gretsch (who would’ve guessed it). 


Since 1883, they’ve been crafting drums and hardware that have developed an excellent reputation - not just with enthusiasts, but professionals playing in some of the biggest bands in the world too. Phil Collins; Taylor Hawkins; Charlie Watts; these are just some of the iconic drummers who’ve chosen Gretsch Drums as their go-to instrument at one point or another. 

Our range encompasses some of the best pieces that the company has to offer. We stock a multitude of snares crafted from contrasting materials. Each sounds just as good as the last. You’ll find maple, brass, ash, mahogany, nickel and a bunch of other models here. The new centrepiece of your kit is just waiting to be discovered.

If you’re thinking bigger, then why not have a gander at the kits. The Catalina Jazz thrives during (you’ve guessed it) Jazz scenarios. A Be Bop, retro configuration makes it highly portable and ensures you can set up quickly and easily on the tightest of stages. These drums project both a traditional tone and level of resonance which is synonymous with the genre.

The E825 and E605 Energy sets bundle together just about everything you need to get playing immediately. They’re the perfect solution if you’re a beginner drummer. You’ll get your five-piece layout, sturdy Gibraltar 4600 hardware, Sabian SBR Performance cymbals and Gretsch by Remo heads. Kickstart your drumming journey! 

At the pricier end of the brands’ offering, you’ll find the Renown. It has this name for a reason; Gretsch describes it as “one of the most versatile drum sets ever made”. It's built for working drummers - if you need a percussive workhorse, then this is it. The Renown can be applied to just about any genre or style thanks to an incredibly well rounded sound.