Warm Audio

Warm Audio


"It doesn’t matter if I’m in a recording studio, bedroom, outside on the side of a mountain or cathedral. Warm Audio’s gear has always met the expectations and provided what I needed at a cost that wasn’t breaking the bank." Jonathan Pfarr - (Kanye West, Imagine Dragons, Paul McCartney & Shangri-La Studios)

"As a collector of vintage gear, there is a list of extremely sought-after EQs and compressors that everybody wants, but few can afford. Warm Audio was the first manufacturer that made compressors and EQ that worked the same way as the expensive models, yet cost a fraction of the price. Many other manufacturers have since followed suit, but Warm Audio still does it best. I will always lean on the Warm Audio devices when I see them in the studio rack." Sylvia Massy - (SYSTEM OF A DOWN, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, SMASHING PUMPKINS, TOM PETTY, JOHNNY CASH)

“Warm Audio has made it possible to own timeless studio gear that not only looks and feels classic, but is reliable and affordable… And sounds killer too!” Nickolas Wheeler - (All American Rejects)

"When I first dialed in the new gear I received from Warm Audio, I was blown away. You just can't help but notice how big and full everything sounds in the room." Ryan Bingham

"Overall, these mics have upgraded the drum sound in a massive way. In the 18 years we’ve been in our own studio the drums have never sounded this good!" Jimmy Eat World

Who are Warm Audio?

Founded in 2011 in Texas, USA, Warm Audio set out to create high-end recording gear that was accessible and affordable for the everyday musician. Headed up by founder Bryce Young, the Warm Audio Team consists if highly experienced musicians, engineers and technicians in a number of different fields.

Warm Audio’s mission is clear: the create world-class audio equipment that’s uncompromising in its quality and offer competitive pricing that sets them apart from their peers and competitors!

Much of their product range is modelled on old-school analog audio equipment that’s so highly sought-after in the world of modern music production. Thanks to the team’s extensive knowledge and experience in handling vintage studio hardware, they were able to faithfully replicate these 100% analog circuits and implement strict quality control, design guidelines and mass manufacture that allowed them to deliver world-class sound at affordable price points.

Despite making a name for themselves producing microphone preamps, compressors and other rackmount equipment, they’re just as well-known nowadays for their selection of incredible recording microphones. This includes the hugely reliable WA-87 Vintage Condenser microphone and the WA-14 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone, both of which are known for the reliable and beautifully warm response.

Their rackmount and studio outboard equipment is designed with old-school warmth and clarity in mind. Many of these units are tube-powered, offering a highly-responsive and dynamic performance in any setting.