Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic Treatment

It’s imperative to have acoustic treatment in your studio to take care of those pesky frequencies that ruin your recordings. We’ve got a massive selection of the best acoustic treatment here at Andertons Music Co.


You’d be surprised at the difference even a single block of acoustic treatment will make to a room which is why many bedroom producers will take advantage of our small acoustic treatment packages. If you’re trying to kit out a bigger studio though, you’ll need bass traps as well as standard wall treatment – all of which is supplied by us.

Pop Filters and Reflection Filters

Acoustic Treatment also includes things like pop shields and reflection filters which are both essential for vocal recording. You won’t need a reflection filter if you’re in a perfectly treated room, but for every other instance, these make recording great-sounding vocals on the fly an absolute breeze. It blocks out unwanted noise and allows the mic to capture only your voice without the reverb and echo of the room you’re in.

Pop filters will help you avoid plosives when singing so you don’t get any horrible gain peaks in your recording that’ll ruin the take. This is an absolute essential piece of recording gear - and luckily we have loads in stock at all times!

Check out our selection of Acoustic Treatment below and take advantage of our interest-free finance packages and free next day delivery in the UK on orders over £99!