Portable PA Systems

Portable PA Systems

We offer a great selection of portable PA systems to suit your every need, including wireless, compact and all-in-one solutions!

There's a time and a place for big, loud, active PA systems. But sometimes, you'll just want something straightforward that's easy to set up & sounds great! Luckily we stock a great selection of practical and portable PA system alternatives at Andertons Music Co!

Whether it's a PA system for bands or a school PA system, we'll find the best compact PA system for you! We stock industry-leading systems from Bose, Electro Voice, LD Systems, QSC and many more, each one designed to suit your price-point and desired sound quality. Don't be fooled by their small footprints & subtle designs - these portable PA systems sound crystal-clear and can really kick out the volume if required!

We appreciate that you might need a PA system package that can make noise wherever you go - that's why we also offer some incredible wireless, bluetooth & battery-powered PA systems from Roland, Laney and JBL among others. These ultra-practical PA systems are designed with easy connectivity, lightweight design and great sound in mind!

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