Complete PA System Packages

Complete PA System Packages

Here at Andertons Music Co. we love our live music, and we know how important a good PA System can be! Luckily for you, we stock a huge selection of complete PA system packages.


We have a wealth of complete PA systems and packages that'll suit every application you can think of. We can guarantee you'll find what you're after!

We're proud to offer incredible PA system packages from Bose, Yamaha, JBL, RCF and many more. Many of these feature compact PA system speakers, wireless connectivity and a range of PA accessories designed to make your life easier. This includes PA speaker stands and cables for easy setup. Whether you're looking for massive volume and projection or anything in between, our PA department has got you covered!

For bigger live scenarios, you may be looking for something with a little more firepower, so to speak! We're proud to stock a wealth of active PA system speakers from the likes of QSC, Mackie and Presonus, among others - many of these options can handle upwards of 1000W. In layman's terms, they can go really flippin' loud without losing audio quality! 

We also offer a range of all-in-one PA system packages that combine a public address system with different accessories to suit your needs. Better still, you may even save a bit of money if you buy one of our package systems, and we'll happily advise on which is the right one for you! While you're here, why not check out our Ultimate Guide to PA Systems for a little extra know-how? We've also got a guide called Choosing The Right PA System, which advises you on which PA systems will suit different applications.