Shure is a household name when it comes to microphones and audio accessories and have defined modern music since the 1930s.


Their long-standing reputation for reliable, affordable and resilient equipment ensures that it’s almost guaranteed to be found in any studio, venue or rehearsal space worldwide.

History of Shure

The company was founded in Chicago in 1925 by Sidney N. Shure, originally supplying radio components, but eventually moved into microphone manufacture in the face of the great depression.

By the 1930s, their innovations positioned them as one of only 4 microphone manufacturers in the US. In 1941, they were enlisted to supply microphones for the US war effort, which is when they introduced the military-spec quality control that’s still used today.

In the 1950s, they continued to innovate, introducing their first ribbon microphone, first wireless microphone system, first unidirectional microphone, and the 55S, popularised as the ‘Elvis Mic’.

Then in the 60s, they introduced the SM57 and SM58 – these classic and instantly recognisable microphones are still used today, and are pretty much guaranteed to be found in any producer’s recording setup.

…and as they say, the rest is history. The release of the ’57 and ’58 cemented them as global leaders in live music and recording hardware.

The Shure Range

Shure continue to produce world-class microphones, but have expanded into other aspects of live sound and studio equipment, such as wireless systems and monitoring. They remain one of the most recognisable names in the industry for their diversity, reliability and untarnished reputation.


The SM58 is widely regarded as the most popular microphone of all time, used by countless vocalists and musicians since its introduction in the ‘50s. Nowadays, they produce performance mics, recording mics, mobile mics, professional video mics, public speaking and conference mics and many, many more.

Wireless Systems

Shure pioneered the ability for musicians to move freely on stage without worrying about cables. Their innovation means that they remain a key name in wireless performance & recording technology, producing wireless mics, wireless guitar / performance systems, wireless videography and field production hardware and more.

Monitoring & Audio Processing

Shure have also made a name for themselves making personal / in-ear monitoring for performance and recording, as well as a sturdy range of mixers and studio rack units, all highly praised for their reliability and quality of sound.