Shure SM Microphones

Shure SM Microphones

A range of condenser and dynamic microphones to make your vocals and instruments shine.


Shure’s SM Series features some of the world's best-selling studio and live microphones, characterised by a minimal, rugged design that frames meticulous technologies to best render your vocals and instruments. 

You probably have seen, maybe without knowing, the SM58 in the hands of countless singers and performers everywhere, from Wembley to The Duke of Wellington. This dynamic mic has been a staple in live equipment for over 40 years, delivering a rich, clear sound that vocalists love. 

Its older brother, the Shure SM7B is one of Andertons Music Co.’s best-sellers, which’s becoming increasingly popular in recording studios all over the planet. Despite being a dynamic microphone, it’s a studio favourite as it captures vocals and instruments in all their richness and warmth blocking out all external noises. It’s ideal for close-talk applications such as radio and podcasting too!

If you’re looking for a condenser mic to use during your live performance, the SM86 is the one. Rugged and resistant, adaptable to all touring situations, this mic will deliver studio sound to your performance.

Shure SM Series also includes the cardioid condenser headsets SM31 and 35, designed for multi-instrumentalists, fitness instructors and more. 

Find your next live and studio mic among Andertons’ selection!