ABY & Switchers

ABY & Switchers

Not often talked about but used in pretty much every pro rig, ABY pedals and Switchers are ‘rig solutions’ that give you the scope to do far more interesting things with your setup. To make your life easier, we’ve written an entire guide on the importance of an ABY pedal. Check it out by clicking here!

ABY Pedals

An ABY pedal is a very simple concept and simply takes one signal from your instrument and splits it into two so that you can plug into two output sources at once This allows you to plug into an interface and an amp at the same time or even into two amps at once. We have ABY pedals that are active and buffered as well as passive ABY units.

ABY pedals are made for the sonic explorer and utilitarian in all of us.


A switcher is not to be confused with an amp footswitch though the premise might be similar. An amp footswitch will change the channels of your amp from something like a clean channel to a dirty channel. Whilst a switcher actually allows you to turn multiple analogue pedals on and off with the simple flick of a switch. We’ve got switchers that’ll suit massive ‘spaceship station’ style boards as well as simple switching solutions.

Check out our selection of ABY & Switchers below and take advantage of our interest-free finance packages and free next day delivery in the UK on orders over £99!