History of MXR

Originally founded in 1972 in Rochester, New York, their original and iconic Phase 90 pedal was famously championed by Eddie Van Halen, used on the first two Van Halen albums and forming a crucial part of their sound.

This pedal’s it’s stripped-back appearance, ultra-simple functionality and tough enclosure set the precedent for MXR as a pedal brand. Despite the reputation of the Phase 90, as well as the Dyna Comp Compressor and Distortion+ distortion/overdrive pedal, production ceased in the ‘80s due to a rise in popularity of rack-based effects.

In 1987 however, Jim Dunlop bought the MXR brand; production was kickstarted, and to this day Jim Dunlop continue to produce the MXR range in all of its rugged, no-frills glory!

The MXR Range

The Phase 90, Dyna Comp and Distortion+ remain the most iconic MXR pedals, but their range has gradually expanded to include a wealth of different effects, including bass pedals, signature models, and even power supplies.

Distortion / Overdrive

MXR distortion circuits are known for having an accentuated mid-range and certain fuzz-like qualities when pushed to the edge. The staple M104 Distortion+ will give you a surprisingly low-gain wooly quality, whereas the Super Badass distortions or Octave Fuzz pedals will cook your tones to new and ever-more dangerous temperatures!

Modulation & Dynamics

We all love the sound of a Phase 90 – tastes aside, this pedal’s iconic sound is bound to put a smile on your face. MXR expanded their knowledge of modulation effects to produce a range of understated but top-quality pedals, including the M68 UniVibe Chorus / Vibrato and the Micro Flanger. They also have a number of great compression and noise gate pedals, ideal for adding punch to your tone and freeing up sonic space between the lines!


The Carbon Copy has become something of a household name among guitarists for its silky smooth analogue tone. MXR have released several varieties of it over the years alongside reverbs and other ambient effects, but the Carbon Copy remains their workhorse.

Signature Pedals

These include the EVH 5150 overdrive, modelled on the sound of one of their most famous patrons, as well as the SF01 Slash Octave Fuzz, a Dimebag Darrell distortion pedal and many more.

Bass Pedals

MXR have been a bass-friendly brand for a long time, offering distortions, fuzz pedals, compression, modulation and more – take your bass tone to the next level with these hard-wearing, colourful little units!