Hollow / Semi-Hollow Body Guitars

Hollow / Semi-Hollow Body Guitars

The concept behind the electric guitar began with the Hollow body and Semi-Hollow guitar. Based on the acoustic guitar, these instruments were made for jazz players. They needed clean, warm tones to suit the genre and these guitars were then adopted for many other playing styles such as blues, rock, country and pop. We stock all the major Semi-Hollow and Hollow body guitar brands including Gibson, Epiphone, Ibanez, Gretsch and more!

A lot of Semi-Hollow and Hollow body guitars will have a fixed bridge, but if they don’t, you’re likely to see a Bigsby trem. This gives you a stunning trem system, made for slow, wavering trem tones.

Semi-Hollow Body Guitars

Semi-Hollow Body Guitars are called semi-hollow because they will generally have a centre block running through the body that the pickups will be mounted on. They’ll still have the famous f-holes however are part solid body and part hollow body. This still gives them that warm, airy acoustic tone that’s loved and coveted by all guitarists.

They handle high-gain better than a hollow body would but can be prone to feedback when using extreme amounts of gain. Famous semi-hollow guitars that we stock include the Gibson ES-335, Epiphone Casino and Epiphone Wildkat and the Gretsch Electromatic range.

Hollow Body Guitars

Hollow body guitars are more akin to acoustic guitars than a solid body guitar would be but it’s still powered by electric guitar pickups. Though, these instruments won’t have a centre block in the middle and therefore have a touch more sustain and resonance and are even warmer sounding than your average semi-hollow.

However, these guitars are far more prone to feedback because of the wide empty space within the guitar itself.

You’ll often see a hollow body with a floating trapeze bridge piece because you can’t mount a bridge onto the thin hollow body top.

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