Audient has become a key player within the recording world, boasting a competitive range of studio essentials.


With a fantastic line of audio interfaces and microphone preamps, Audient combine modern flexibility and top-flight quality with a desire to remain affordable and within the reach of consumers. 

Popular with home studio hobbyists and semi-pro recording engineers, Audient cater for recording enthusiasts at any level with their excellent studio hardware.

History of Audient

The company was formed in 1997 by David Dearden and Gareth Davies, former employees of the renowned Soundcraft brand. Having also previously been founding partners of DDA, a company that produced inexpensive mixing consoles in the 80s and 90s, the two used all of their experience and expertise to establish Audient.

A philosophy that they were keen to uphold, through Audient they continue to manufacture affordable recording gear. Purchased by Simon Blackwood in 2013, formerly of Focusrite and Novation, his injection of creativity and know-how has taken the company to further heights.

The Audient Range

Audient are perhaps most popular for their audio interfaces. Launched in 2018, the flagship iD44 interface is a powerful, all-encompassing unit that features class-leading AD/DA converters and 4 Class-A mic preamps, deriving from their highly-regarded ASP8024-HE console.

The smaller iD4, iD14 and iD22 interfaces also offer excellent flexibility, with less inputs and smaller enclosures to improve portability and desk real-estate. Also featuring the same mic pres as the iD44, these interfaces are considered some of the best-sounding that you can buy, especially when you consider their competitive price.

The ASP800 and ASP880 mic preamp rackmount units deliver the same pro-grade audio fidelity, with their 8 inputs allowing you to record larger ensembles. The ASP880 takes it to the next level, with variable impedance and high pass filters ensuring that you get the most from your mic setups.