Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio strive for the balance between art and performance in terms of the sounds you get from all of their pedals. They’re constantly pushing the boundaries while still providing a solid platform to work from and are inspirational and practical in equal measure.

History of Walrus Audio

All of the pedals are made in the US, from smooth fuzz to cutting overdrive and everything in between. They also make some sweet sounding reverbs and modulations and were one of the forerunners of ambient shimmer verb with the Descent.

The artwork on Walrus Audio pedals is legendary in the industry and they’ll light up any pedalboard. Us guitarists seem to have a thing about having the best-looking pedalboard. But most importantly, they sound great.

If you want to push the sonic boundaries of your electric guitar, then you have to check out Walrus Audio because they don’t make pedals that are so weird and obscure that they can’t be used in the context of a song, but they definitely encourage experimentation.

A reverb with octave in the background? Hendrix would’ve had a field day!

Who uses Walrus Audio?

Famous users include Thrice, Zane Carney (John Mayer), Mutemath, Circa Survive and Misha Mansoor (Periphery) and many more.

You can expect this list to grow massively as Walrus grow in the industry. I’m not saying they’re the next best thing - in the boutique pedal world, they’re the best thing right now.