Roland V-Drums & Percussion

Roland V-Drums & Percussion

Browse Roland’s extensive range of electronic drums, percussion pads and everything you need to create a fully-fledged drum setup.

Roland are one of the leading brands in the world for v-drums. From their flagship TD-50 line to the midrange TD-17 and the beginner’s TD-1, they cater for every option, kit design and player experience in mind. 

Access endless sounds with their intuitive, deep sound modules and drum triggers. Great for taking your kit to the next level. Buy accessories such as floor drums, cymbals, separate modules and upgrade packs to add variation to your setup.  

The SPD series of percussion pads is simply one of the best in its execution. You can incorporate these into your electronic or acoustic drum kits to spice up sounds with samples or digitally-laden beats. Loop your samples to become a one-man playing machine.

You can always check out Roland’s drum amplifiers, designed specifically to deliver a sound best suited to v-drums so an audience can hear you playing.

For a full rundown of Roland's electronic drum kit offering, why not check out our handy guide? It covers every major series, providing you with the key info needed to make an informed purchase!  

Learn the difference between electronic kits and drum triggers, how to add samples to your drums or ways to upgrade your v-drums on our blog.

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