Jaguar Guitars

Jaguar Guitars

The Jaguar is a short-scale electric guitar, which has a more compact fretboard and neck compared than the run-of-the-mill guitar. It makes it incredibly easy to play as the jump between frets is that bit shorter.

Another identifiable feature of the Jaguar is its versatile electronics. As well as the master volume and tone, you can sculpt both bridge and neck pickups exactly how you like. The neck pickup has a tone and volume, while the bridge gets a mid-tone cut. Rather than a five or three-way pickup selector, there are two switches used to 'activate' each pickup.

Jaguar manufacturers

There are only two official brands making the Jaguar: originators Fender and offshoot company Squier. There's an excellent selection of high-end, mid-price and affordable guitars on offer. The great thing about every single guitar here is that they all benefit from the short scale length, cool electronics switching and striking design.

Some highlights include the super accessible Squier Classic Vibe, which are modelled after '70s retro classics. They also come in cool bass guitar form. The Fender Player series are you go-to workhorse instruments. They look great, come in a variety of great finishes, are fitted with Fenders renowned build quality and don't cost the earth!

Further up the scale you'll find the Vintera; Fender's most accessible American made guitars, American Professional and American Original – which are built to the highest specs with a choice of pickups and in supreme fashion.

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