Electro Voice

Electro Voice

Electro-Voice create industry leading PA speakers that are available at affordable prices for a number of different applications, including kitting out venues and rehearsal studios. We stock the entire Electro-Voice range here at Andertons Music Co!


Electro-Voice (or EV as they’re sometimes known) have created a name for themselves in the music industry for the quality of their PA systems and PA speakers. We're thrilled to offer a range of their PA equipment, from single speakers to one of our many bundle deals. If you have any specific Electro-Voice questions, please make sure to contact us and we’d be happy to help.

History of Electro-Voice

Electro-Voice have been around for a while. Since 1930 to be exact – when they were commissioned to build their first PA system for Knute Rockne who was a famous football coach of the time.

Early PA (Public Address) speakers were little more than electric bullhorns with no regard for fidelity at the time. Electro-Voice were the first company to address this by finding ways of improving quality and definition of whatever came through the speaker.
This ethos has been brought forward to the modern day where all Electro-Voice PA systems are renowned for their excellent clarity whether that be for a full band performance, public speaking or even just playing background or club music.

The Electro-Voice Range

Electro-Voice have a vast range of passive and active speakers available in different sizes. The different sizes will impact the amount of low-end and clarity present in the mix which is why you’ll find that users will often pair 10” or 12” speakers with one of their powerful subs – like the EKX18SP.

The prices will range from low to high when you go from their EKX passive range to the EKX active, full-range speakers.

Building the perfect PA system will often come down to application as you’ll need to find the right assortment of speakers to suit your need, but fortunately, Electro-Voice have a speaker for pretty much every application you can think of. Whether you’re after 10”, 12” or 15” speakers or mega-powerful subs, EV have got something in their range for you.

Electro-Voice Microphones

The Electro-Voice microphones are also an important part of their range as they offer excellent clarity with a full, fat warm sound. Mics can be tricky to get right at times, but Electro-Voice have nailed the balance of warmth and clarity. Their ND76 is a world-beater when it comes to handheld dynamic microphones.