Christmas Gift Guide for Acoustic Guitarists

Have you been tasked with buying a Christmas gift for a six-string strummer? Or do you just feel like treating yourself this year? Don't fret - we've put together a handy guide that'll help you find the perfect present!

Buying Gifts for Acoustic Guitarists

In this guide, we've put together some of our favourite gift ideas for acoustic guitarists. Whether the recipient of your gift is a beginner, a professional musician, or someone that just likes the occasional strum, we've got something for everyone!

If you're looking for acoustic stocking fillers, there's a whole host of fun ideas that are bound to put a smile on anyone's face. Click on the links below to find out more:

Gift Vouchers!

Finding the right gift can be extremely difficult especially when you are buying for someone as passionate about their hobby as a musician. We also know that what a musician really wants may be out of the realms of what you want to pay.

That is why we love recommending our Gift Vouchers for Christmas presents. It allows you to spend however much you want and they can choose what they want at a later date or put it towards their next big purchase.

Our gift vouchers are sent digitally and are printer friendly so you have something nice to present on Christmas day - they are available in a wide range of values from £10 to £500 and are redeemable both online and in store!

Acoustic Guitars for Beginners

We're proud to stock a great selection of beginner acoustic guitars. If you're looking to start a new instrument, or want to encourage a loved one to do the same, then these acoustics offer a great way to start playing!

EastCoast acoustic guitars are excellent beginner instruments thanks to their playability and affordability. Buying a beginner acoustic can be a bit of a minefield. You don't want to spend lots of money on a starter guitar but a lot of cheap instruments are unpleasant to play which may discourage learning. This is why EastCoast guitars are ideal for beginners, they make affordable instruments that are comfortable to play. JustinGuitar, an online guitar teacher with over a million subscribers on his YouTube channel, was impressed when he got his hands on one. Watch his reaction to Eastcoast acoustic guitars on Andertons TV below:

Classical and nylon-string acoustic guitars are a common choice for children to learn on. The softer nylon strings, lower string tension, and often-wider string spacing makes fretting notes easier and more comfortable for absolute beginners. Nylon-string acoustics also come in 1/2 and 3/4 sizes which are ideal for smaller children. You can find nylon-string and classical acoustic guitars from brands such as Admira, Alvarez, Valencia, Fender and more.

If you want to something extra then acoustic guitar starter packs are a great option as you get a beginner acoustic and some accessories such as a gig bag, strings, picks, a strap and others all in one package!

EastCoast Acoustic Guitars on Andertons T.V.

Gifts For Under £10

Need a small gift for a stocking filler or Secret Santa? We've got you covered. There are plenty of handy accessories that you can buy for less than a tenner.

Strings, plectrumscapos, and tuners are acoustic guitar staples. Strings are essential, while plectrums and capos are super-useful for playing certain styles. These are nice gifts for any skill level. For the intermediate or advanced player, a slide is a great little gift that opens up a whole new way of playing they may not have explored before.

Gifts For Under £50

With £50 you can get higher-quality accessories, including items like guitar straps, tuners, guitar stands and hangers, as well as gig bags. You can even buy a ukulele for less than £50!

For under £50 you can buy coated strings which are longer-lasting and more durable, clip-on tuners which are a super-convenient, or even a stand/hanger for keeping a guitar out in the open. You can get a basic, affordable strap or opt for one with a more premium feel, or you could go for a gig bag which will provide some protection when your loved one takes their guitar out on the road.

You could even buy them an affordable ukulele, a refreshing change of pace from the acoustic guitar that's great for travelling or when you need some inspiration.

Gifts For Under £100

At £100 we've left the world of stocking fillers and small presents and moved onto the more substantial gifts. With this budget, you can get a full-size acoustic guitar that's perfect if you're buying for an absolute beginner. Ukuleles at this price range are higher quality and you can buy hard cases that'll offer more protection than a gig bag.

If you're buying for someone more experienced you could look at acoustic guitar amps and pickups to that'll allow them them perform live. Effects pedals are a good choice, especially for a performing guitarist. Some pedals are designed specifically for acoustic guitars, others are primarily built for electric guitars but sound great on an acoustic.

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