Top 10 Guitar Pedals For Your Christmas Wishlist

Loads of exciting new guitar pedals have been unveiled in 2021. In fact, there were so many — we struggled to even narrow down this shortlist!

Nevertheless, we've compiled our top 10 pedal picks just in time for Christmas; comprising a mix of best-sellers and recently-released products!

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Elliot Stent

Guitar pedal brands are constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries, which means that every year we end up seeing many incredible new stompboxes that whet our appetites! 2021 hasn’t been an exception to this, and we've tried out lots of the latest and greatest guitar pedals — some of which you may have seen featured on Andertons TV!

We believe that our top 10 list will give you some inspiration for Christmas this year, to help you decide on the stompbox you’d like Santa to leave in your stocking. There’s tons of variety, so we’re sure you’ll find something interesting to add some Christmas glow to your pedalboard!

Landlord FX is a relatively new name that might be unfamiliar to some, but over the last couple of years they’ve already made a serious statement with their super-affordable mini pedals! Okay, so we know that these count as more than one, but their lineup is so diverse and inexpensive that we just couldn’t resist adding them all to our list!

With the tiniest of enclosures, you can easily find a vacant space on your board for one of these petite pedals — or heck, even a few! With dirt pedals, modulations and time-based effects like reverb and delay available, Landlord FX has catered for just about every player. Oh, and their pedals are all true bypass too — with some very “punny” names to boot!

Landlord FX Pedals on Andertons T.V.

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Tone City’s pedals have been among some of our best-selling products for a few years — and there's a good reason for that! Much like their Landlord FX contemporaries in terms of the affordability and practical sizes of their stompboxes, Tone City boasts an even bigger range that includes almost every effect type under the sun!

While all of their models are worthy of joining even the most professional of pedalboards, our most popular Tone City pedals have been the “Collaboration” models — designed with Peter Honoré, Rabea Massaad and Greg Koch. These giant-sounding gain boxes give you instant access to their signature sounds, and can outperform many pedals that are more than double their prices. A perfect stocking filler!

Tone City Collaboration Pedals on Andertons T.V.

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Walrus Audio is part of a new wave of American pedal brands, synonymous with shoegazers on the search for sonic nirvana! We believe that their limited edition ‘SLARP’ pedal, exclusive to Andertons in Europe, couldn’t be more perfect for experimental musicians who love to get lost in lush, layered and immersive soundscapes. Combining two of Walrus Audio’s best-selling stompboxes — the Slö multi-texture reverb and ARP-87 multi-function delay — SLARP can cover all of your ambient needs without taking up too much pedalboard real-estate. Sporting custom artwork too, this super-cool stompbox will undoubtedly spice up the look of your setup!

The company also expanded its overdrive/distortion range in 2021 with the 'Eras' — one of the most versatile high-gain dirt pedals we've ever seen! Featuring a 5-position rotary knob that allows you to access different combinations of internal gain and clipping style, the Walrus Audio Eras is like having 5 distortion pedals in 1 — with active EQ controls suiting even the most fastidious of tone-chasers.

Walrus Audio SLARP Pedal on Andertons T.V.

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We've cheated here a little, as this particular pedal actually came out in 2018. But ThorpyFX’s 'The Dane' has been so popular with our customers that we think it definitely deserves a mention! If you don’t know the story, The Dane is the signature pedal of Andertons TV’s very own Peter "Danish Pete" Honoré, who collaborated with ThorpyFX to create a 2-in-1 overdrive/boost that can act as a gain-stage centrepiece for your pedalboard.

Finished in a stunning chrome and purple colour scheme, this versatile stompbox is remarkably compact and can be easily mounted onto your board — especially with its ergonomic top-mounted jacks. In terms of how it sounds, the overdrive circuit has a responsive and high-headroom quality that excels for styles such as blues and classic rock. Reacting beautifully to the placement of your guitar’s volume pot and your picking attack too, this pedal lets you play with tons of expression. The boost side is super-fat and warm, providing creamy lead tones and long-lasting sustain when used in conjunction with the overdrive circuit.

Thorpy FX 'The Dane' Pedal Demo

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There aren’t many guitar pedals brands that offer more bang-for-the-buck than TC Electronic! They launched plenty of enticing new stompboxes in 2021, from the Klon-inspired Zeus Drive to the amazingly-affordable Skysurfer Mini Reverb and the Rat-like Magus Pro Distortion. They even collaborated with Paul Gilbert to unleash a signature MojoMojo that goes all the way to 11 — courtesy of a gain-pumping ‘Mod’ switch!

If you’re after a cracking deal this Christmas though, nothing beats the insane offer we have on the Mimiq Mini Guitar Doubler — down from £65 to just £29.99! Designed to emulate the coveted “double-tracked” guitar sound that you hear on countless contemporary recordings, the Mimiq Mini ingeniously beefs up your tone via an innovative, proprietary algorithm that makes it sound like there's two guitarists playing at the same time! It’s a lot of fun…

TC Electronic Mimiq Mini Pedal on Andertons T.V.

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Joe Bonamassa has his name on a lot of gear, we know, but let’s face it — he’s a superb musician and a huge guitar nerd, who obviously loves collaborating with some of the industry’s biggest brands! The Penny Saver Royale is one of Joe’s latest signature pedals, combining two of his most beloved Way Huge effects in a space-saving 2-in-1 enclosure (the Overrated Special overdrive and Blue Hippo chorus).

These two circuits sound exceptional on their own, as users of the standalone pedals will be well aware of. The Overrated Special side captures the coveted voice of the “mythical horse” overdrive, while the Blue Hippo has a luscious, silky analogue chorus sound that convincingly emulates a leslie speaker effect — with a custom delay time specially suited to Joe’s taste. Use them in unison, and you’ll create an ultra-rich modulated drive sound that’ll send you into the stratosphere!

Way Huge Penny Saver Royale Pedal Official Demo

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Beetronics are back in a big way at Andertons, and most of that can be attributed to their latest “sweet-as-honey” pedal — the Vezzpa Octave Stinger Fuzz! Creating quite the buzz in the industry, Beetronics’ op-amp-hearted Vezzpa is designed to distort your guitar signal with abrasive yet delightfully-musical fuzz. It’s aggressive, spitty and packed with vibe — dishing out extreme, high-pitched overtones that cut through the mix like the sharpest of stingers!

Not a fan of the standard livery? No worries, we got our hands on a few limited edition Vezzpas in a vibrant, psychedelic-inspired ‘Purple Haze’ finish! Exclusive to Andertons in Europe, these rare pedals will not only spruce up your pedalboard, but will also become sought-after collectables!

Beetronics Pedals on Andertons T.V.

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We couldn’t leave out Boss in a list like this now, could we? Of course not, and like always, they’ve released a number of head-turning new pedals throughout the year that have captivated both fastidious fans and casual stompbox enthusiasts.

The HM-2W was arguably the most anticipated Boss launch of 2021 — a reissued, Waza Craft edition of the iconic HM-2 Heavy Metal distortion pedal. Delivering the legendary “chainsaw” high-gain tone that defined Swedish death metal music, this revamped version has a few modern tweaks up its sleeve too for enhanced performance — including a ‘Custom’ mode that ups the aggression!

Boss also expanded their popular 200 Series with two powerful new stompboxes — the IR-200 Amp & IR Cabinet and the SY-200 Guitar Synthesizer. IR-200 is a versatile, pedal-based amp simulator and impulse response loader which can transform your pedalboard into an all-encompassing direct sound solution for live playing, studio recording, and home practice. The SY-200 is one of Boss' most comprehensive guitar synth pedals to date, jam-packed with 171 analogue-inspired polyphonic tones that’ll captivate your audience!

Boss HM-2W Distortion Pedal Official Demo

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When Strymon releases a new pedal, it’s kind of a big deal. The Zelzah Multidimensional Phaser is their latest creation, and it did not disappoint the legion of Strymon fans who waited in anxious anticipation of its announcement in August! In typical Strymon style, the Zelzah is designed to go beyond most conventional pedals so that users can experience totally new sounds that are extremely tweakable and endlessly inspiring.

Zelzah’s two independent 4-stage and 6-stage phaser circuits can be used separately: one at a time, or simultaneously in series, parallel or split configurations. With true stereo operation, full-featured MIDI implementation, and an expression pedal input too — this spellbinding stompbox is an absolute dream for modern guitarists who love to be immersed in modulation and have all of the control they could ever need!

Strymon Zelzah Phaser Pedal Official Demo

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GFI System’s pedals have garnered plenty of acclaim in recent years for their stellar, ethereal sounds and intuitive interfaces. In 2021, they bolstered their lineup with 3 more stompboxes that wowed us with their luscious effects and ease-of-use.

The Orca Delay and Skylar Reverb pedals launched earlier this year particularly appealed to us. Delivering all of the algorithmic splendour of their more sophisticated pedals, these more simplified stompboxes have 4 ambient presets each with full stereo capabilities.

The recently released Rossie pedal comes packed with the celebrated filter algorithms from GFI System's flagship Synesthesia pedal — expanded in an ergonomic, standalone stompbox! Encompassing 3 essential tone-enriching filter effects, the Rossie is remarkably dynamic and easily spices up your guitar or synth tones with some intriguing sounds.

GFI System Orca & Skylar Pedals on Andertons T.V.

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