Top 10 Guitars On Your Andertons Christmas Wishlist!

Christmas is the perfect time to get a new guitar... even if it is a present to yourself. Here are our top 10 guitars you should have on your list for Santa this year.

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Cian Hodge

We've had an excellent 2018 for guitars. Loads of new releases, a return to form for some of the giants of the industry and plenty of new entries too. The Likes of Sire, Alvarez, EastCoast and G&L have surprised us with just how good guitars can be at an affordable price.

Here are the top guitars you should consider if you're getting a guitar in time for Christmas or the new year. We've included as wide a variety of guitars as possible, because we know you guys love to experiement with music styles. 

Great for: Vintage tone with a twist. The Comanche breaths life into classic rock.

The G&L Comanche is a truly unique sounding guitar. One of Leo Fender’s final designs before his passing, S-type Comanche is a glassy, sparkling tone machine. 

This is all down to the awesome Magnetic Field Design Z-Coil pickups. They cut out loads of the hum associated with vintage sounding single-coils and deliver an aggressive snappiness and robust low-end. 

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Great for: Kicking it on stage. Flaunting. Gawking. All whilst delivering undeniably great tone. 

A limited edition PRS under £800? Yes please. The SE Custom 24 is a genuine once-in-a-lifetime run. Check out the hot Flamed Maple top, Maple neck and fingerboard, and those iconic bird inlays. Pick one up while they’re still around as this is a guitar that could easily retain or increase its price over time.

These SE models not only look stunning, but sound great too, thanks to the in-house wound pickups, quality woods and sturdy hardware. PRS seem to pull it out the bag whatever the price.

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Great For: Doing your own bit of relic'ing. Over years of playing, of course. 

It was sad to see the Fender Mexican series go, but the Player replacement more than makes up for it. The Player Telecaster is a direct replacement for the Standard

It now houses two Alnico V single-coil pickups. These are the tonal equivalent of a terrier snapping at your ankles. Fender have also ditched the three-saddle bridge for a much more reliable six-saddle system.

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Great For: All acoustic styles at a brilliantly affordable price.

Alvarez make a ridiculously diverse line of mid-priced acoustics. But the 66 series stands out among the rest. Reliable, tactile and gorgeous. There are very few companies that would go out their way to build an acoustic under £500 to this standard.

The thin gloss coat, real bone nut and X-bracing close to the soundhole are just some of the appointments exemplifying the thought Alvarez put into this design. 

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Great for: Could it be more obvious? Shred away, friend. 

Schecter stepped up their game with the new C-1. This sleek super Strat oozes modern metal style. Everything from the offset inlays from the 15th fret to the neck-through-body design and heel access spoke wheel screams custom shop class. 

You can get a C-1 with a huge array of pickup configurations, but many new C-1s utilise a Sustainiac pickup in the neck, controlled by an on/off toggle and Fundamental/Mix/Harmonic switch for serious tone shaping. 

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Great for: Thunderous bass. Technical playing. Looking like a futuristic time traveller.  

Yes, the Dingwall NG2 is a bass. A brilliant one too. So much so, that it easily makes it onto our top 10. Have you ever seen a bass so appealing as a guitarist?! This is Adam "Nolly" Getgood's signature instrument, well known for his dazzling playing in prog metal band Periphery.

Dingwall basses encapsulate everything a modern musician would want or need. Fanned frets to hold string tension at lower tunings, exceptional hardware, aggressive yet clean-sounding pickups and a built-in preamp from boutique pedal designers Darkglass. It even has thinner frets so it plays like a guitar. If there's one bass to change your mind, this is it. 

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Great for: Unreal value, surprising versatility and sweet tone. 

Sire are complete newcomers to the world of acoustic guitars. But we were genuinely impressed with the build quality and earthy sound. 

Californian-based Sire are known for their incredible bass preamps and approached their acoustic versions in the same way. The Zebra SIB (standing for ‘simple is best’) combines the best of a piezo undersaddle pickup and internal mic.

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Great For: Beginner guitarists who want a guitar that doesn't suck.

Andertons are delighted to stock Eastcoast guitars; insanely affordable beginner instruments with a host of accessories tacked on. Including an amp, gig bag, plectrums, tuner and cable so you can play as soon as you get home. 

We were more than pleasantly surprised with how they looked and sounded. You won’t get more features on a guitar at this price. 

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Great For: Dad rockers. Just kidding, these Gibbos are modern, packed with style and play beautifully. 

Gibson returned to true form with their 2019 range. The guitar behemoths have gone back to basics under new ownership. Yes, they're still experimenting with the Standard model, but that's what it's all about. We love the finishes, cool hardware and neck profile. They still sound like classic Gibsons.

If you prefer the traditional look, there's a number of Les Pauls in the range this year up your street. Loads of vintage burst colours, PAF tone, round necks and chunky bodies. 

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Great For: Kickass heavy metal. A real wow factor guitar. 

Chapman's Ghost Fret is the guitar to make a statement. The most striking of the Chapman line-up, expect crushing tone, fast playability and a few heads to turn when you're wielding this axe. 

Every one of Chappers' guitars gets thoroughly QC'd by our expert team before going onto the shelf for you to buy. We guarantee these guitars are built to last and sound monstrous thanks to excellent quality woods and hot in-house built Primordial alnico V pickups.

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