Top 10 Guitars For Your Christmas Wishlist

You can use Christmas as the perfect excuse to buy yourself a new guitar. Whoops, we mean as a gift for a loved one of course!

If you’re struggling to narrow down the perfect contenders for your wishlist, we hope that our top 10 guide will help to steer you (or Santa!) in the right direction.

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Elliot Stent

2020 has been rough, but it’s been a brilliant year for guitars! Loads of exciting new releases, a return to form for some of the industry’s giants and plenty of new entries too. The likes of Squier, Epiphone and Chapman have also reminded us just how good affordable guitars can be!

Here are the top electric guitars and acoustics that we think you should consider for Christmas, comprising a mix of this year’s best gear and a bunch of best-sellers. We've included as wide a variety of guitars as possible as well, because we know that you guys love to experiment with different styles!

There aren’t many bang-for-the-buck guitar companies out there that are superior to Squier. Not only does "Fender’s “budget brand” produce affordable versions of its flagship guitar designs, but it also manufacturers forgotten gems from the past that are far more attainable than the originals found on the second-hand market! Squier’s Paranormal series is made for exactly that purpose; encompassing a bunch of dearly-missed shapes as well as existing models with unique and twisted specs!

The otherworldly Squier Paranormal series comprises offset oddities, head-turning hybrids and classic cult favourites. These include the humbucker-equipped Toronado, reversed Super-Sonic, classy Cabronita Telecaster and the bombastic Jazz Bass '54. The Cyclone is another highlight, with its curvy Mustang body shape and trio of sparkly single-coils making it a ‘90s-style alt-rock workhorse, while the Offset Tele tastefully blends two of Fender's most recognisable guitars together to form a new instrument with plenty of original charm.

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Epiphone has been on a roll in 2020. Not only did their highly-anticipated ‘Inspired by Gibson’ lineup break cover, but the brand’s all-new ‘Original Collection’ launched to much acclaim too; comprising several legendary shapes from the ‘50s and ‘60s like the Coronet, Casino and Riviera. Epiphone’s cutting-edge Prophecy series, however, is very much aimed at the future!

Made up of four classic Gibson shapes with a modern twist, the Epiphone Prophecy series gives forward-thinking players the opportunity to break tradition and set new standards in speed, sound and technique. These instruments are Epiphone’s highest-spec production guitars to date, with all models coming equipped with custom-voiced Fishman Fluence pickups, SlimTaper necks, LockTone hardware, Graph Tech nuts and Grover locking tuners for uncompromising tone, sublime playability and rock-solid tuning stability.

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The launch of the Fender American Professional II series was one of biggest talking points of 2020. Giving their flagship US-made guitar and bass lineup a makeover, Fender took its existing American Pro formula and supercharged these instruments with inspiring new colours, refined hardware appointments, re-voiced pickups and ergonomic body tweaks - bringing them up to a standard comparable with the top-of-the-range Ultra series.

These new models are undoubtedly some of the best production guitars that Fender has ever made, and perfectly merge timeless designs with the perks of modern practicality. Rolled fingerboard edges, “Super Natural” neck finishes, sculpted neck heels and versatile “Push/Push” electronics make a huge difference when it comes to their playability and tonal scope - making them even more suitable for contemporary players.

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The Custom 24 is a modern classic, and arguably the definitive PRS electric guitar. Debuting at the 1985 NAMM Show, the Custom 24 was PRS’ first production model and it remains their flagship guitar more than three decades later. Unique for its flying bird fingerboard inlays, 24-fret neck (hence the name!), 25” scale length, figured Maple top, ergonomic body contours and powerful dual-humbucker pickup configuration; the Custom 24 is a popular choice among professional musicians looking for comfortable playability, unrivalled versatility and stunning aesthetics in equal measure.

To mark the 35th Anniversary of their classy Custom 24, PRS built 3 limited edition versions of its signature instrument throughout 2020. Available in each of their main product lines (Core, S2 and SE), these collectable Custom 24s cater for every price-point - so you can join in with the celebration whatever your budget is! While capturing the foundational elements of the iconic Custom 24, these PRS 35th Anniversary guitars also feature the unique electronics of the Paul’s Guitar - further enhancing their versatility with unique coil-splitting functionality!

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Chapman guitars have been best-sellers at Andertons for nearly a decade. Popular with contemporary players who love iconic shapes with modern electronics and hardware, demand has grown in recent months for new models and fresh finishes to diversify their lineup. In 2020, Chapman answered that call and unveiled a raft of ready-to-rock guitars that’ll simply take your breath away!

The ML1 Pro Hybrid is one of the biggest headline-grabbers, an ‘80s-inspired HSS tone machine featuring genuine Seymour Duncan USA pickups, a Roasted Maple neck, stainless steel frets and Hipshot tuners. Available in two gorgeous colours (Phoenix Red and Turquoise Rain), it’s a lot of guitar for well under £1000! The Pro range was also bolstered with new ML3 Modern and Traditional models, while stunning limited edition ‘Storm Burst’ guitars joined the affordable Standard series.

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The Tribute series is where you’ll find G&L’s most affordable guitars and basses. At first glance, though, you’ll hardly spot the difference between these budget-friendly models and their American-made counterparts! With similar aesthetics and many of the same key features, G&L's Tribute series guitars are exceptional value-for-money.

Most G&L Tribute instruments sport the electronics and hardware appointments fitted to the brand’s full-fat Fullerton-crafted instruments. This includes G&L’s innovative MFD ('Magnetic Field Design') single-coil pickups, their smooth 'Dual-Fulcrum' tremolo and the rock-solid 'Saddle-Lock' bridge that ensures consistent string spacing and piano-like sustain!

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Fender and Squier’s FSR series’ comprise limited edition guitars with a unique twist. These models are almost always based on current instruments in their respective catalogues, but often feature rare one-off finishes or non-typical pickup configurations and hardware. They’re basically standard Fender/Squier instruments with tasteful modifications; built in small quantities and possessing future collectable prestige!

You’ll be pleased to learn that Andertons Music Co. works closely with Fender and Squier to ensure that we always have a great selection of these quirky FSR guitars. And sometimes, we even collaboratively design FSR models with them that they’ll make exclusively for us!

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The newly-conceived Epiphone ‘Inspired by Gibson’ collection comprises legendary Gibson electric and acoustic guitar models at affordable price-points. Fully unveiled at the 2020 NAMM Show, there was much fanfare surrounding this announcement and throughout the year we’ve had a few models drip-fed here and there. Finally in mid-November, Epiphone fully launched their spellbinding ‘Inspired by Gibson’ acoustics - and boy do they deliver!

Stalwarts of the acoustic scene for several decades, you can now get your hands on officially-licensed Hummingbird, J-45 and J-200 guitars for less than £1000. All equipped with high-quality Fishman Sonitone electronics for realistic plugged-in sounds, these modern-tweaked premium-looking acoustics offer that genuine Gibson feel and sound without hurting your wallet!

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Alvarez’s acoustic range is extremely diverse, and features a raft of stunning guitars that emit the most glorious of tones. Featuring all-solid tonewoods, Alvarez produces some of the best-value acoustics around and they genuinely feel like high-end instruments! Ranging from affordable entry-level models to world-class handmade instruments, Alvarez have got every price-point covered.

Adding to the already popular Elite lineup, Alvarez Guitars introduced the Masterworks Elite series earlier this year. There are 6 models in total, all boasting cutaways and slim Ebony bevel armrests for unhindered upper-fret access and comfortable playability. Three are crafted from AA Sitka with Black Walnut, while the others are made entirely from Black Walnut. All have Paua abalone purfling and are fitted with the LR Baggs Element pickup and VTC soundhole console - meaning beautiful plugged-in sounds!

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EastCoast may boast an incredible range of electric guitars, but it's acoustic offerings are equally diverse. With a few models available for under £100, these instruments are simply perfect for beginners who are looking for affordable acoustic guitars that feel and sound great!

The EastCoast D1 models follow a traditional dreadnought body shape, making them great all-rounders with fantastic projection. The G1's have a slightly more modern design, akin to a shape made famous by a large American brand. The Mini acoustic guitars are best-sellers for a reason; they're not only great-value but they're also incredibly portable - making them perfect travel acoustics for the road.

Selected EastCoast acoustic guitars come equipped with built-in electronics, allowing you to plug into dedicated acoustic amplifiers or PA systems. This eliminates the need to mic these acoustics in live or recording scenarios, so that you can plug-in and play hassle-free!

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