Fender Jazz Bass Guitars

Fender Jazz Bass Guitars

First released in 1960 as the "Deluxe" model, the Fender Jazz Bass was Leo Fender's second electric bass model, after incredible success of the Fender Precision Bass. The design took elements from the Fender Jazzmaster guitar, including the offset body shape, which was thought to be more ergonomic and more comfortable to play. The Fender Jazz Bass also featured a slimmer, narrower neck profile which was originally designed with Jazz musicians in mind, hence the name!

Fender Jazz Basses by Series

In the six decades since it was released, there have been a number of different Jazz Bass models but the original design has remained largely unchanged. Today, there is a Fender Jazz Bass Guitar to suit every level of ability and budget.

Made in Mexico

Fender's range starts with the Mexican made Fender Player Jazz Bass. Featuring classic styling and modern playability, the Player Series is a great place to start for anyone looking to buy a "proper" Fender bass.

Next up is the Player Plus Series, which is essentially a hot-rodded Player model. Featuring upgraded noiseless pickups, the Player Plus Jazz Bass is made for performance-hungry musicians seeking affordable, advanced tools of expression!

At the top of the Mexican made range sits the vintage-inspired Vintera II Series. Boasting period accurate specs from the '60s and '70s, the Vintera II Series Jazz Bass will appeal to anyone looking for a classic Jazz Bass tones with plenty of mojo!

Made in USA

Fender's American made range starts with the Performer Series, which as the name suggests, is designed with performing musicians in mind. Featuring upgraded hardware, electronics and pickups, the Performer Jazz Bass is rugged, reliable and most importantly, sounds fantastic.

Fender's flagship Professional II Series is arguably their most popular, and offers sublime playability and signature Fender tones. In a nutshell, the Professional II Jazz Bass is the classic design we all know and love, with a host of modern features for today's players.

If ultra modern, high-spec is more your thing, the American Ultra Series features the most advanced guitars and basses Fender has ever made. The American Ultra Series Jazz Bass boasts a cutting edge, contemporary design with many modern features!