Mapex Drums

Mapex Drums

Mapex is one of the leading global drum brands. A company that prides itself on producing instruments built and designed by musicians, for musicians.


The high calibre of artists that use Mapex are testament to the quality of the instruments. Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson), Matt Halpern (Periphery) and Tony Coleman (BB King) and many more besides use Mapex kits.

History of Mapex

Founded in 1989, this Taiwanese company knows a thing or two about how to make a great drum kit. Starting by selecting only premium woods, the Mapex artisan builders obsess over every little detail. This means you can be sure that no matter what price point you’re buying at, you’re getting an instrument that has had hours of craftmanship poured in to it.


Mapex has several core lines including the Saturn V kits, the Black Panther and Design Lab series and the Tornado Series – which offers incredible value.