Eventide Audio

Eventide Audio

With a long history, Eventide was founded in 1971 by a small yet aspiring group, formed of an engineer, an inventor and a businessman. With very humble beginnings, designing products from a basement beneath a New York recording studio, Eventide’s early products were largely built for the broadcast industry. 

But one of their first innovations was the integration of RAM chips in many of their products. Giving more processing power to some of the their rackmount effects, Eventide even created their own chips for expanding computer memory, but at a cheaper cost than most competitors.

However, Eventide’s reputation for cutting-edge studio and guitar effects is where they found most of their success. Most renowned for their intelligent pitch-shifting units, they were the first company to commercially manufacture a product with these capabilities, with the legendary H910 Harmonizer. Ground-breaking in the mid-70s, guitar players such as Frank Zappa and Eddie Van Halen incorporated the H910 into their guitar rigs.

The Eventide Range

Eventide’s current range of products continues to drive their legacy. Led by the immensely versatile H9 units, these all-encompassing multi-effects units contain a variety of high-quality effect algorithms. From reverbs, delays, modulation sounds and of course their signature pitch-shifting effects, the H9 has become a pedalboard staple amongst session and touring players.

Although the H9 is their flagship model, Eventide also produce many other powerful effects processors. This includes the Mod Factor, Time Factor and Pitch Factor pedals, which respectively, are massively tweakable modulation, delay and harmonizer units. With multiple parameters, these pedals are truly for the experimentalists looking for weird and wonderful sounds.

The Space reverb pedal is another offering from the same lineup, boasting otherworldly ambient effects. Featuring a range of classic reverb sounds to suit the traditionalists, like spring, hall and plate, the Space is mostly adored for its quirkier effects. The ‘blackhole’ setting offers a large engulfing sound, that will swalllow up your audience with its incredible depth.