Wampler Pedals

Wampler Pedals

Wampler pedals are part of a small clan of American pedal companies leading the charge on the boutique pedal world. They’ve firmly established themselves at the top of the food chain when it comes to innovating in the guitar effects world and this was proven with their work on the Ego compressor pedal which was hailed for it’s brilliant blend control. The blend allows you to dial in the perfect amount of compression onto your dry signal so that you don’t lose the dynamic of what you’re playing.

History of Wampler Pedals

Brian Wampler started out by simply tweaking and modifying overdrive pedals until he was happy with the way that they sounded. However, he couldn’t quite get these pedals to nail the sound he had in his head and embarked on a journey to design and build his own pedals from scratch. The rest is history as he’s become a firm favourite in the effects pedal world.

It's also no mistake that country guitar legend Brad Paisley uses Wampler pedals and even has his own signature Wampler Brad Paisley Deluxe Overdrive pedal.

The Wampler Pedal Range

The Wampler range has a few key models that are definitely worth checking out including the Tumnus Boost, The Ethereal Ambient Delay and Reverb pedal. Not to mention the fire-breathing Dracarys high gain pedal and Dual Fusion mild overdrive.