Darkglass Electronics

Darkglass Electronics

Their products have become game-changers for delivering incredible sonics and unbridled filth.

Seen in an ever-growing amount of bass rigs around around the world, Darkglass pedals are particularly popular with hard rock and metal bassists looking to add focused grit to their low-end tone.

With high-calibre artists such as Billy Gould (Faith No More), Dick Lovgren (Meshuggah) and Jon Stockmann (Karnivool) on their roster, the latter of whom has his own signature pedal, Darkglass are true trend-setters making their mark in the industry.

History of Darkglass

Based in Finland, Darkglass was founded by bassist and engineer Douglas Castro in 2009. Unsatisfied with the poor amount of choice out there when it came to bass drive effects, Castro decided to start designing his own to capture the sound in his head.

Darkglass’ first products were the Microtubes pedals, which are still in production. Their B3K and B7K units are praised for offering incredibly powerful high-gain overdrive, whilst keeping your sound tight and punchy. Essentially preamps, these versatile boxes let you get your sound anywhere, with the B7K model boasting a flexible 4-band EQ and direct out for recording straight into an interface or mixing desk.

With Adam “Nolly” Getgood (formerly of Periphery) an early advocate of the incredible B7K, Darkglass’ reputation quickly grew. With many more established players jumping onboard and taking notice, Darkglass’ Microtubes units have become a staple for bassists of heavier genres.

Building upon this acclaimed pedal design, Darkglass have expanded their range in subsequent years to appeal to even more bassists.

The Darkglass Range

The Microtubes series remains Darkglass’ flagship line, and the company further improved their design to offer even more, with the B7K Ultra. Featuring a wider set of controls and switches to let you refine your perfect bass sound, the Ultra provides improved tweakability and thus greater tonal options.

Deriving from the Microtubes pedals, Darkglass unveiled their very first amp in 2016 - the Microtubes 900 Bass Head. With integrated circuitry from their Microtubes pedals, the 900 essentially has 2 channels. It's unaffected clean sound dishes out plenty of headroom and clarity, and with the Microtubes circuit engaged you can attain pushed crunch sounds to crushing distortion.

Other units in Darkglass’ range include the Vintage Bass Overdrive pedals. These provide bassists with more old-school crunch tones, similar to that of a cranked valve stack. With versatile controls and a huge tonal palette, these pedals are tailored more for bass players into classic rock and blues styles.