Retro Bass Guitars

Retro Bass Guitars

Retro basses to us means something either inspired by a classic model or something that just doesn’t quite fit the norm. Going through this page you will find everything from heavily modified vintage style basses to the weird and wonderful basses that may have never thought would exist.

Brands like Music Man, G&L, Sire Marcus Miller, Rickenbacker, Reverend and Epiphone all fit perfectly here. Building off some 60’s and 70’s basses that have become synonymous with the instrument.

A lot of these basses go for a simple control layout with volume and tone controls so you can just pick up and play any of these without spending an hour finding out what the 23 different knobs and switches do.

A couple do go a step further with an active preamp so you can really control your sound but they do it in a way that is intuitive and easy to use.

Pure, quality tone in a universally loved look. You can’t go wrong with adding any of these basses in to your collection with each having their own individual tone that can’t be replicated by any other bass.