Sire are a guitar manufacturer who pride themselves on building their instruments in their own factory, allowing them to keep costs low and build quality high. They've teamed up with jazz & funk bass extraordinaire Marcus Miller to produce a vast range of bass guitars that far exceed their price point, combining classic design with modern functionality. 

A relatively new company, Sire have been making serious waves in the industry by building affordable basses that easily hold up to their more expensive, American-made counterparts in terms of sound, style and feel. With a range of vintage and modern designs in their catalogue, we're sure you'll find a Sire bass that is perfect for you, whether you're a traditionalist or err on the side of cutting-edge! Sire also proudly offer an excellent range of extended range, fretless, 5-string and left handed models - there really is something for everyone! 

For a full rundown of Sire's extensive bass offering, why not check out our buyers guide?

Sire have also applied their winning formula to the world of electric and acoustic guitars, collaborating with American jazz guitarist Larry Carlton. Featuring world-class preamps, solid tonewoods and cutting edge designs, Sire acoustics are built to compete with the best, at a fraction of the price. For the electric aficionados, Sire offer an impressive range of guitars, inspired by some of the most iconic designs in history.  Renowned for their modern construction techniques and sumptuous playability, Sire electric guitars are all about rock 'n' roll swagger!

We here at Andertons make no secret of how much we love Sire guitars and basses. We genuinely believe that these are some of the best instruments for the money on the market today. Don't just take our word for it though, get yourself down to Andertons and try one for might just be surprised!