Semi-modular & Desktop Synths

Semi-modular & Desktop Synths

Fancy plenty of tweaking options without having start from scratch? Introducing the semi-modular & desktop synth range at Andertons Music Co!


We have a massive range of semi-modular and desktop synths from all the big names - Korg, Roland, Moog, Arturia - you get the picture. Get your patch cables out for madsemi-modular experimentation with semi-modular synths. Or keep things a bit more simple using a pre-programmed desktop synth.

Synths can be daunting, but Semi-modular and desktops give you loads of freedom to mess around, whilst guaranteeing a good sound. You don't have to be able to play piano either! Some are keyboardless, meaning you start it up, dial some knobs in and you've got a sound.

Desktop synths come in all manners of shapes and sizes, varying interfaces and are well priced for beginners. More experienced players can look out for semi-modulars that require a bit more thinking and tweaking.   

Don't hesitate to contact us with any queries as we have a number of resident synth experts on hand!