Recording Microphones

Recording Microphones

Whether you're looking for your first recording microphone, or professional-grade microphones to add to your studio collection, we've got you covered! 


We stock a huge range of recording microphones that'll fit every purpose. This includes everything from small diaphragm and large diaphragm condenser mics, to dynamic instrument mics and super sensitive ribbon microphones - and everything in between! 


We proudly offer products from some of the biggest names in microphone manufacture. We stock a great selection of Shure mics, famed for being both affordable and reliable. Our SE Electronics range includes the staple sE2200A, one of the most popular vocal recording mics on the market. No mic category would be complete without Røde, a key player when it comes to condensers, as well as Sennheiser, who are known for combining precision engineering with sensible price tags!


Getting tangled in cables? Make sure to give a wireless microphone from our range a look!


Our Aston Microphones selection includes the award-winning Origin, a high-performance cardioid mic that can be used with equal precision on vocals and instruments alike! We also stock Neumann equipment, known for setting the bar when it comes to recording microphone standards. 


We also stock a wide variety of Drum Microphone Packs which offer the perfect selection of mics to fully mic up a drum kit. With options from Sontronics, AKG, Lauten AudioSennheiser and more, there's plenty of options to suit your budget


These brands make up just a small part of our full range - check out the full selection below!