Lewitt Microphones

Lewitt Microphones

Lewitt are an innovative microphone brand that bring fresh designs and unique features to their products. Rather than just try to emulate the classics of the past, Lewitt are committed to innovation, versatility and the ultimate bang-for-the-buck.

Founded in Austria in 2010, Lewitt have always had a very clear goal: innovation in the high-performance microphone market.

Much like the company ethos, the Lewitt microphone range is focused and uncompromising. Offering incredible microphone technology at every price point, they've incorporated a collective wealth of experience in the industry and outside-the-box thinking to ensure that their mics are the best they can possibly be! 

A Brief History of Lewitt

Lewitt was officially launched in January 2010; CEO and founder Roman Perschon left his job at a leading European microphone brand in 2008 to ultimately form a company together with his Chinese business partner Ken Yang. The company's design, engineering and marketing branches were based in Vienna, with a manufacturing facility established in China. 

Perschon immediately set about leading his team to pursue new, progressive microphone designs driven by the urge for innovation, versatility and the ultimate bang-for-the-buck. Having spent years working in the European microphone manufacture industry, he felt that the category need reinvigorating, and that he was now best placed to do just that - their diverse range speaks for itself! 

Our Lewitt Range

With everything from dynamic handheld mics to full drum recording kits, the Lewitt microphone range has got pretty much every requirement covered. Their dynamic and vocal mic range starts at just £79 with the MTP 250 DM, a practical, efficient piece of kit that far out-performs its price point. They expand on their dynamic range with offerings such as the MTP 440 DM, a rugged but affordable instrument mic perfect for live instrument sound.

Their colourful condenser range covers everything from the small-diaphragm LCT 140 cardioid mic for percussion and acoustic instruments, to the massively versatile LCT 640 multi-pattern microphone, which uses two independently circuited diaphragms to allow any desired polar pattern. 

These mics are beautifully designed and painstakingly engineered to get the job done - check out our full range below!