TC Electronic

TC Electronic

History of TC Electronic

TC Electronic was founded by brothers Kim and John Rishoj in Denmark. They used their experience as musicians to develop the now legendary stereo chorus/flanger simply called the SCF. They then went on to produce the TC2290 digital delay which has become a legend in its own right in the recording world.

Skip ahead to 2011 and the invention of the TonePrint pedals and Polytune would leap the Danish company into superstardom by getting tonnes of famous artists to create their own TonePrint and make their unique sounds available to the public. Artists like John Petrucci and Steve Vai made the settings that would use on their pedals available for anyone in the world to download and use themselves.

TC Electronic have got a long and rich history in the music industry and all of this experience has led to the company growing year on year as they continue to push the boundaries of guitar pedals and bass cabs.  

Range Of TC Electronic Products


The TC Electronic Range of pedals has everything you’d ever need to make a fully functioning pedalboard with every effect possible. They’ve got Delay, Reverb, Distortion and Modulation pedals in spades and have 2 major price ranges that you can choose from. Their ‘Analogue’ series features pedals that are affordable and simple to use but will get you the tones that you’re after. However, if you want to take it to the next level and want a bit more flexibility then the digital series of pedals will have you covered.

The Digital TC Electronic pedals have got the TonePrint function which allows you to have access to other guitar heroes guitar tones by simply uploading them via USB to the pedal. The pedals themselves are highly tweakable too because you can use their PC or Mac software to deep-edit the parameters of the effect and perfectly achieve the tone you can hear in your head. Again, this can be uploaded via USB to the pedal and you can share or save the TonePrint.

Bass Amps & Cabs

TC Electronic are not only known for their phenomenal pedal range but they’re also heavy hitters in the Bass world. They produce powerful bass heads and lightweight bass cabs that are notorious for providing punchy, thick tones with a thunderous low-mid and stunning top-end clarity. So slap and funk players love the TC Electronic bass amps.

Tuners & Accessories

It would be sacrilege to speak about TC Electronic and not mention the innovations they’ve made in the guitar tuner realm. It’s no easy feat to create a tuner that stands up to the famous BOSS TU series, however, the TC Electronic Polytune has done just that. You’ll see the Polytune on boards all around the world thanks to its simplicity and its ability to read the tuning of multiple strings at once. So, you can literally strum your guitar strings and the Polytune will show you which strings are sharp or flat or perfectly in key.

They also managed to somehow pull this technology into a headstock tuner called the Polytune Clip that has also been a hit with guitarists worldwide. Why plug into a tuner when you can have one on the headstock?