Digital Recorders

Digital Recorders

Efficient, high-quality, on-the-go field recordings on a budget? This is no longer a dream with our selection of Digital Recorders.


A digital recorder is the perfect compact solution to record live shows, interviews, foley and much more using only one device. Choose between a built-in microphone or your external audio source and start recording! 

Pocket handheld recorders like the Zoom H2N Portable Recorder will come in handy for bands coming up with ideas, monitoring their rehearsals, or students who don't want to miss a word of their lectures.

If you're into filming, the Tascam DR-60D MK II Digital Camera Audio Recorder delivers high-quality audio on film, thanks to its premium mic preamps and several recording modes, allowing you to adapt to any recording scenario.

We've also got you covered for field recordings: whether you're a podcaster, vlogger, videographer, journalist and more, the Zoom F2-BT Compact Field Recorder is the perfect audio solution for creators on the move.