The Telecaster has always been loved for its pure simplicity and stunningly clear tones. The Tele is a no-nonsense, workhorse of an instrument and easily one of the most recognisable body shapes in the world. The bolt-on neck, string-through bridge and S/S pickup configuration are 3 staples of the Telecaster and though the instrument now has many variations on this including H/H models and Teles with Bigsbys, the twang-factor remains the same. It just wouldn’t be a Tele if it didn’t have that twangy attack!

Telecaster Models

From Squier to Fender loads of different Telecasters to choose from and they all come from a handful of different countries and are made in different factories too. Due to the number of different ranges of Teles available, they vary in price too and it’s worth knowing the difference between these guitars.

Squier guitars are the perfect way to get into the Fender line (Because Fender own Squier) without busting the bank. These are great if you’re starting out or just want a cheap alternative to a Fender and they’re made in the Far East. The Classic Vibe and Vintage Modified Teles are some of the best value for money instruments on the market.

Fender Mexican Teles are built in their Mexican factory and are the entry point into the Fender lineup. They’re made with great hardware and pickups and can definitely be used as pro instruments. Students and younger players love these guitars because you get a great instrument at a great price. Popular Mexican Fenders include the affordable Player Series and the vintage-inspired Vintera Teles.

Fender Japan guitars are a little more elusive in the UK as they’re normally kept exclusively for the UK market. These are often highly modified versions of the US or Mex models and you’ll normally find them with cool upgrades like dual humbucker pickups or bigsbys.

Fender American Teles are the flagship models in the Fender Tele range. There’s a large choice when it comes to US Teles but they’re made in the States by pro guitar builders who want to make guitars that any player of any ability can use. These are definitely your professional level guitars but are a great way to inspire beginner or intermediate players to get to the next level of their playing. Models include the flagship American Professional II series, the more vintage spec’d American Original Series, and the modern, high-end American Ultra range.

Fender Custom Shop Teles are crafted by the pro luthiers in the American factory. These guitars are the best of the best when it comes to Fender and you can choose pre-specified models (That have already been designed head to toe) or you can even specify your own dream guitar from the woods and pickups to the fingerboard inlays! The Fender Custom Shop truly are the cream of the crop and are the range of guitars that every Fender lover aspires to own one – and luckily we keep a large stock of these at any given time!