Gibson Custom Shop Guitars

Gibson Custom Shop Guitars

The Gibson Custom Shop can and will literally build any guitar you can dream of – from a Neon pink SG to a classic Burst Les Paul. However, they’re much more well known for building the latter. Throughout the years, they’ve produced accurate replicas of the incredible guitars built by Gibson in the 50s and others far beyond that decade.

These guitars are hand-assembled in Nashville, Tennessee and you can say with confidence that there’s nothing mass-produced about these instruments at all. Everything from the attention to detail to the manufacturing process is done by a human being – and a master of their craft.

They use high-end top and back woods, authentic Gibson pickups, high-quality hardware and beautiful nitrocellulose finishes to ensure that these guitars are the best Gibsons that money can buy.

Gibson Custom guitars can come in Aged or VOS versions. VOS (“Vintage Original Spec”) models are made as close to the original specifications and materials as possible. VOS is as close as you can get to what it would’ve been like to buy a new Gibson back in the 50s/60s. Aged models have been meticulously aged to look like true vintage models that have seen a lifetime of use. An Aged Gibson Custom guitar will have not only the sound but also the worn-in look and feel of a vintage model.

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