Gibson SG Guitars

Gibson SG Guitars

Originally introduced in 1961 as the Les Paul SG (Solid Guitar), the SG aimed to offer a different playing experience. A double cutaway meant easier fretboard access, and the thin contoured body meant a wholly comfortable playability. A familiar mahogany body and dual humbucker configuration meant that you were still able to attain that full-fat Gibson tone, which helped secure the SG's huge popularity in the years that followed. 

Famous players include Angus Young (AC/DC), Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) and Derek Trucks, to name a few - these guitarists have all become somewhat synonymous with the image of the SG. The iconic Cherry Red and black pickguard combination is truly poster-worthy! 

As with many of the Gibson's solid-body instruments, there are a number of varieties on offer. Many are surprised to hear that the SG Standard is Gibson's best-selling model of all time. A mahogany body and neck double-bill with classic Gibson humbuckers produces a timeless warmth with plenty of attack thanks to the thin body and neck design. 

The SG Standard HP builds on this classic formula, streamlining it for the modern player with push-pull pots and Flamed Maple tops for heaps of added tonal versatility. The SG Special comes equipped with mini Gibson humbuckers, a teardrop scratchplate and an unbound Rosewood fretboard for a unique twist on the classic formula. Then there's the SG Junior, an offset reflection of the Les Paul Junior, with a single P90 pickup, a solid mahogany body and the uniquely curvy pickguard - the no frills approach never looked so good! 

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