Synth Bundles

Synth Bundles

Get set up in your studio extra fast with our synth bundles! These include all of the equipment you need to get started right out of the box.


Buying a new synth can be an exciting time, but all the extra gear you’ll require can be tricky to understand.

We've crafted these bundles to give you everything you need to get going - saving money and hassle in the process. Choose your favourite synth, selecting from top brands such as Korg, Yamaha and Roland. We even include heavy-duty stands and professional headphones too!

Playing a gig or going on holiday? You won't need to leave your Novation Bass Station II at home; bundle up and get an official Novation bag to take it with you everywhere.

Why choose one when you can have three? The majestic Moog trio, DFAM, Mother 32 and Subharmonicon come with a 3-tier rack and patch cables bundle, letting you dive into the world of Moog in seconds.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Get in touch and we'll help you to find the perfect bundle for your setup!