Andertons Music Co.
at NAMM 2024

The NAMM Show is the world's largest trade event for musical instruments and technology. Each year, thousands of brands show off their latest innovations for retailers and the media - keep an eye on this page for the latest news, rumours, and hottest releases from NAMM 2024!

NAMM 2024: January 25th-28th

We’ll be on the ground in Anaheim, CA, bringing you the breaking news, freshest releases, and behind-the-scenes content as it happens. Click the links below to browse all the gear on show at NAMM, and keep an eye on our newsfeed for updates throughout the weekend.


Andertons Now a Strandberg Guitars Stockist!


The Announcement was made at NAMM 2024


Andertons will now be a proud UK stockist of the ergonomic, headless guitar brand which push boundries in the guitar world.Find Out More...


Darkglass Electronics


A New Range of Infinity Bass Combo Amplifiers


Darkglass have unleashed 4 Bass Combos which are powered to Infinity, boasting 500W of power!See more...

Magnatone Slash Signature Amplifier


The Biggest News of 2023, with Slash moving to Magnatone!


With Slash moving to Magnatone, this brings a brand new Signature Amplifier which is truly stunning.See more...




Chapman Guitars


Danish Pete Signature, Ghost Frets, and more!


That's right - the much-anticipated Danish Pete Lawmaker has landed just in time for the 2024 NAMM Show. But that's not all Chapman have brought to Cali this year: check out the striking Ghost Fret Classics, the purpler-than-purple Pegasus, and more.See more...


Music Man


The Rabea Sabre coming soon!


For months, our good friend Rabea has been teasing his own Music Man Artist model. Now, it's been made official with the announcement of the Rabea Massaad Sabre! These are due to be available early 2024, but here's what we know for now...See more...




New handmande MK amps


Victory & Cornford amp design maestro Martin Kidd set himself a simple yet massive challenge: to build his best ever amps without compromise. The result is the MK Series, each one hand-wired and constructed by Kidd himself, for the most luxurious and pure valve amp experience you could dream of. More info coming soon!See more...







The flagship Laureate Series acoustics


Hand-finished bodies, hand-sanded bracing, beautiful Rosewood backs and sides, and the more tradition-infused Laureate bridge; Alvarez's Laureate Series represents the pinnacle of their core range luthiery. We cannot wait to get our hands on these stunning instruments.See more...


Sterling by Music Man


Fresh Sterling guitar & bass finishes


Sterling & Music Man have kicked off 2024 with a bunch of fab finishes across multiple line-ups, from Axis guitars to Stingray 5s to the new Sterling bass. Pueblo pink, Dorado Green, Chopper Green, or Blood Orange Burst?See more...




Say hello to the Deputy!


Designed in collaboration with Pete Honore, The Deputy is a single-channel amplifier built with simplicity in mind, delivering a pure and powerful Classic Rock experience.See more...


Positive Grid


New gigging Spark amp & wireless!


Positive Grid's Spark has absolutely dominated the modern practice amp category recently - now they're boosting the Spark line-up with a 4-channel performance amp/PA, wireless system, and wireless footswitch. Unstoppable!See more...




Made in Japan Pacificas & Rupert Neve pickups


Yamaha's iconic Pacifica line-up has expanded with a series of ultra-precise guitars made for modern playing, including the Neve-pickup-loaded Standard Plus models and the Pacifica Professionals - made in Japan!See more...





The Supreme Soaker loadbox & speaker sim


Palmer call it the 'analog dynamic tube amp hub' - for everyone else, that means an attenuator, loadbox, and analog speaker simulator. Add some cool retro-studio design and you've got a real stylish piece of amp-friendly gear.See more...





Introducing the ID:Core V4


Blackstar have supercharged their popular ID:Core range of compact modelling amps with USB-C connectivity and a new 1-watt mode for quiet practice - but the ultra-useful ISF feature remains a key tonal feature.See more...





Another Keeley x Andy Timmons collab!


The Muse Drives goes from crispy treble-boost to all-out germanium fuzz, the idea being the 'ultimate blus driver'. Have they found the holy grail of blues crunch? Hear it for yourself...See more...


Martin Guitars


New SC guitars & Koa ukuleles!


Martin aren't holding back for NAMM this year; additing to their X-Series Remastered launch, they've introduced a new solid Koa ukulele and fresh SC acoustics with sleek Sure Align® necks.See more...






50th Anniversary models


To celebrate 50 trips around the sun, Taylor guitars have launched a suite of commemorative models, including the Builder's Edition 814ce constructed with Californian Sinker Redwood. Beaut!See more...




Aaron Marshall signature


It's blue, it's satin, it's got Schecter USA Solstice and Equinox humbuckers - truly an instrument fit for the punchy, expressive, articulate chops of Intervals' Aaron Marshall!See more...



Limited Editions for 2024!


Fender have introduced a number of limited editions for their Player & Ultra series', embellished with striking finishes and stunning tonewoods.See more...





Riff machines, rad finishes


Charvel deliver the 2024 goods as expected, with vibrant finishes, gnarly relic'd aesthetics, new San Dimas basses, and more.See more...






New Electromatics and beyond


Gretsch's 2024 line-up goes all-in on Center Blocks, Jets, Signature models, and acoustics. Some typically beautiful designs and few curveballs to boot!See more...



Stripes, Circles, and a Shark?!


Yep, the Shark is back alongside a fresh batch of EVH guitars for 2024, including some fresh Wolfgangs with striking designs.See more...





Kicking off the 2024 range


Check out Jackson's fresh 2024 line-up, featuring tons of rad finishes & configs across the JS, Pro Plus, and X Series - and more!See more...

PRS Guitars


New Core guitars & tone innovations!


The premium guitar pioneers have unveiled some typically stunning additions to the core line-up, including new Silver Sky finishes and revamped 'Wing' tuners.See more...




Introducing the MGK Razor Blade


Machine Gun Kelly isn't afraid to make a statement. He's once again teamed up with Schecter to introduce the outrageous Razor Blade signature.See more...



Rex Brown & Waxx signatures!


Epiphone have introduced two punchy signatures: the Waxx Nighthawk Studio, and a Thunderbird bass designed with Pantera legend Rex Brown.See more...


Martin Guitars


The affordable X-Series Remastered


Iconic Martin guitar designs retrofitted with modern tweaks, woods, and electronics without breaking the bank - made to play!See more...




Black Country Customs Ironheart amps


Laney have boosted their hotter-than-lava Ironheart amp range with 3 UK-built Black Country Customs models, alongside a plugin and a 4x12 FRFR cab - yes, you read that right!See more...


Ibanez Guitars


An Inspiring New Range from Ibanez


Once again, Ibanez have released a fantastic new range of guitars which include brand new AZ models, GIO models featuring a trem, and upgrades to the bestselling RG range!See more...


Martin Guitars


The innovative GPCE Inception


Revolutionary Skeletonised bracing, sustainable tonewoods, beautifully hand-constructed, LR Baggs hybrid electronics; Martin heritage meets forward-thinking design.See more...





Introducing the Profiler Player Pedal


That's right, it's the full Kemper sound library in pedal form! Load your favourite profiles into a tidy, customizable, gig-ready stompbox.See more...


EarthQuaker Devices


Blumes: Plumes for your bass!


Introducing a Screamer-style overdrive circuit with 3 modes, voiced specially to give your bass the same crispy, crunchy clarity as EQD's hugely popular Plumes.See more...

NAMM 2024 Keys & Synth News

Casio AP Series


Authentic digital pianos


Yamaha have released the next installment into their AP line, featuring the AP-450 in black, white and rosewood, the AP-550 in black, white and rosewood, also the AP-750, a special collaboration with C.Bechstein. Take a listen to the beautifully sounding AP-750 below.Experience now...



Korg 19" Rack Modules + More


By popular demand, the modules are here


Korg have brought their critically aclaimed Wavestate, Modewave and Opsix synthesizers into a rack mount format, taking up 4U of space, each unit contains the engine of their MKII keyboard varients, with this they also have the Opsix MKII, bringing their line upto the MKII standard.Synth it up now...


Yamaha Seqtrak Black


All in one portable music machine!


Featuring drums, inbuilt synths, a sampler and an effects engine. The inbuilt speaker lets you hear your creations on the fly when that idea strikes, everything's been designed to put as little between you, and music.Discover now...



Nord have returned!


The sequel to the Nord Grand


Featuring a new and improved Kawai responsive hammer keyboard. Maintaining the ease of use of the original Nord Grand while adding dual layers of Piano and Synth, the Nord Grand 2 offers greater flexibility for performance and sound creation.Play now...


NAMM 2024 Tech & Production News

Mackie Streaming mode engaged


Make streaming easy


Whatever you're streaming, you don't need all the complexities of trying to be your own engineer, producer and artists. Check out the CreatorXS and Mainstream, both units strive to be your personal assistant and make your job not only easier but fun, bye bye complications!Stream now!...

Audient Oria Dolby Atmos interface


USB-C Interface with surround sound in mind.


"But surround sound is just for films?", oh no no no, games, films, even iPhones can support it via with Airpod Pros. The Oira is a easy way to set up your surround sound system, including intelligent DSP to make your job easier and faster. Goodbye complicated set ups.Check it out now...


sE Electronics


sE4100 + T1 Condenser microphones


The sE41000 is the little brother of the renowned sE4400 and the T1 of the T2 respectfully. Both microphones are both large-diaphragm true condenser microphones, also available as matched stereo pairs, did we mention all models also come with a flight case? Yeah, nice.See More...


Mackie ShowBox


Portable PA with detachable mixer!?


Busking season is coming! Mackie are on a roll with making your lives easier, a mixing desk that pops out of the speaker, built in connections and battery pack, it even helps you sync audio to your phone for high quality streaming! No more phone quality audio (eiw).Perform now...


Electro Voice


Portable 12" PA Speaker


It might be winter right now, but busking and fate season is on the horizon! The Electrovoice Everse 12 offers a great solution for performing or presenting when you have no power cables! With a built in mixer in the back, it's never simpler to set up your microphone, guitar or keyboard and let everyone enjoy the show.Hear now...





Portable PA with detachable mixer!?


Boss are well known for their guitar pedals and loopers, now we have wealth of their legendary effects within a pedal sized toolbox. No backing singers? No problem, need some distortion, the VE-22 has gotr you. Make sure to also check out their dedicated carry bag which also has a dedicated slot for a microphone!See more...



Kali Audio


4" 2-way powered monitors with bluetooth!


Now with USB-C and Bluetooth, every connection you could need. The 4" size also lends itself great for small spaces. Excellent for those small studios, bedroom listening and gaming nooks!See More...




Mackie Mixers!


Pro Effects in multiple sizes


Introducing the Plus version of the V3 Line. Great for studio use as the top mounted inputs allows for easy connections and the USB-C interface built in will allow for easy recording. The V3+ comes in 3 sizes, the PROFX6 V3+, PROFX10 V3+ and PROFX12 V3+.





HD 490 PRO Open Back Headphones


Handcrafted and German-engineered with built-to-last components and a lightweight, comfortable design, HD 490 PRO, lets you feel the music and forget about the headphones, accessories including a case are included with the Plus Pack Listen Now...




Bridgecast X


A compact, all-in-one desktop solution filled with hands-on controls and Roland’s acclaimed pro AV features. Say goodbye to messy add-ons and unify your workflow with multiple connections for gaming consoles, computers, cameras, and audio devices. stream now....




Podcast Kit!


Everything you need to start podcasting, Dynamic mic with shockmount and adjustable angle, USB cable so you can hook straight into your computer and a desktop stand!Start creating...




IXO Interfaces and Wavelab!


The IXO range features the IXO12and IXO22, need a microphone? Check out the, Recording Pack. They have also updated the Wavelabs software to v12! Wavelab Pro!Start creating...


NAMM 2024 Drum News

TAMA 50th Anniversary!


Classic reissues of TAMA's historical snares


TAMA are well known in the drumming world, boasting titan artists like The Prodigy. Here they bring us back in time to a selection of products that helped staple their name in the industry.See more...

Iron Cobra colour explosion


Beautiful artwork on an iconic pedal


Iron Cobra is an excellent choice in pedals, now you can pick one up which has survived a paint-pocalypse! A delight to see pedals getting some extra love and colours!See more...


What is NAMM?

NAMM (which stands for National Association of Music Merchants) is a US-based, non-profit organisation that’s focused on promoting music and instruments across the world. They assist retailers, manufacturers and distributors within the industry, and host major trade shows multiple times a year.


Not only are they always on hand to help with trade issues & intellectual property, they also facilitate music education, regulations, music charities and more, with the aim of keeping the spirit of music alive.

Is the NAMM show open to the public?

Unfortunately, 'The NAMM Show' is not open to the public. However, we have our trusted video team roaming around at the event with their cameras; finding the most interesting new equipment and bringing you exclusive content!

What's the difference between Summer & Winter NAMM?

Before 2020, NAMM hosted two industry shows for Winter & Summer respectively. The Winter NAMM Show took place (and still does) in January in Anaheim, California, while Summer NAMM takes place in June/July in Tennessee. Find out more about the differences with our blog!

Is NAMM still important?

The NAMM show has always been the place to be for instrument makers, press, retailers, and people from every corner of the industry. It’s the ultimate opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, get an overview of the industry’s direction for the year, and see the hottest trends & new releases as they arrive.


The pandemic meant that the show couldn’t take place in the same way for a few years, but it’s gradually returning to its former glory as the instrument industry’s headline event. Check out our blog to find out more!