Fender Guitar Pedals

Fender Guitar Pedals

Guitar and amp behemoths Fender are expanding once again, this time into the world of effects pedals. They’re packing whatever modulation, reverb, tremolo, delay and overdrive you can imagine.

Finished in brushed aluminium chassis, Fender pedals have deep control parameters and handy footswitches to set them apart from the world of mundane stompboxes.

The range includes the excellent Bubbler analogue chorus and vibrato to add depth and character to your tone. The Pinwheel rotary speaker emulator is a unique effect with loads of control and three unique modes.

Meanwhile, the Full Moon distortion can be relied upon as your mainstay distortion pedal, even in a big setup. There’s more than just one pedal for each effect. Fender have been creative in designing each stompbox to produce a varied and exciting sound you can add to any guitar rig. 

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