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Guitar amps come in all shapes and sizes - with valve, solid-state and modelling technologies making the market incredibly diverse.


We aim to broaden your amplifier knowledge with the help of our dedicated guides, so that you can feel confident when shopping for your next guitar amp!

Guitar Amp Guides

There's plenty of variety when it comes to guitar amps, regarding their form-factors, circuitry and the sounds that they can offer. With the following guides, we provide all of the insights you'd ever need:

Choosing The Best Guitar Amp

Our general amplifier guides give you plenty to think about, but our "best" guitar amp guides feature handpicked selections of products to suit certain genres, budgets and even the types of pickups in your guitar!

Guitar Amp Brand Guides

Guitar Amp Pedal Guides

Modern players are seeking ways to make their rigs more portable and ergonomic, leading brands to create pedals that can emulate the sounds of guitar amps and cabs. The following guides will answer all of your burning amp pedal questions:

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