Ultimate Guide to Victory Amps

Since launching in 2013, Victory amps have gone from strength to strength – and are showing no signs of slowing. Their range of UK-made valve amps ticks just about every box – so how do you choose which one to go for?

In this guide, we’ll explore each area of the diverse Victory line-up, and hopefully answer a few burning questions along the way!

About Victory Amps

In a relatively short space of time, Victory have taken the amplification world by storm. Hailing from the UK and headed up by revered amp designer Martin Kidd (ex-Marshall and Cornford), their accessible and versatile range of boutique valve amps raised the bar for British amplification.

Not only is the company originally from the UK; their entire range is designed and built in Britain too. Ranging from compact lunchbox-style heads to full-tilt 100 watt monsters, there’s something for every player. They even make handy preamp pedals, packing all the punch of their popular amps into a stompbox format. Despite the vast difference in size options, all Victory gear shares a common theme: valve-powered amplification inspired by British classics, tweaked for contemporary needs. Awesome.

V40D Duchess Deluxe Head

This award-winning 42W amp miraculously combines 2 of the most sought-after amp tones of all time: vintage California cleans through to snarling mid-60s Brit crunch. It also comes armed with valve-powered reverb and tremolo, and is adorned with a pristine cream vinyl and brown leather exterior. Combine with a series effects loop, dual-voice and mid-kick switches, and you’ve got refined vintage glory with a versatile contemporary edge over the competition. You beauty.

VX100 The Super Kraken (EL34 / 6L6)

The VX100 is, quite simply, a big mean metal machine. 100 watts, three modes and plenty of gain on tap, the VX100 is perfect for the rock, metal or prog musician who’s out to make some serious noise.

Not only is the Kraken a lethal high-gain amp, but it comes armed to the teeth with functional features. A footswitchable FX loop, dual master volumes, a preamp focus (basically a built-in tubescreamer) and full MIDI compatibility make the VX100 a tonal powerhouse in every respect. Not for the faint-hearted! Note: the VX100 comes with either EL34 or 6L6 power amp valves, so you can choose between UK/US chime.

Sheriff 44

If the look didn’t give it away, the sound will surely speak for itself with the Sheriff 44. This dual-channel EL34 head is Victory’s take on the much-loved plexi sound. Head Victory designer is ex-Marshall, and spent many years designing Cornford amps – who enjoyed a similar cult status. The Sheriff delivers that British snarl in spectacular fashion, with 2 inputs/volumes to choose from. Input 1 takes care of that super-responsive grit favoured by blues players, while volume 2 delivers medium-gain bite by the bucket load.

Victory Sheriff 22 & 44: Understanding the Controls

V40D Duchess Deluxe Combo

The V40D Duchess Deluxe combo is the same as the head version, but it comes with a Celestion G12H-75 Creamback speaker. Victory arrived at the G12H-75 after extensive testing, finding that it complemented the V40D’s velvety vintage tones perfectly.

V130 The Super Countess

A 4-channel, 100W juggernaut of an amplifier. The Super Countess is arguably at the top of the Victory food chain, combining enormous headroom with the best tonal snippets from the rest of their range. This includes V40/Sheriff-style pushed cleans, right the way through to the scorching gain levels of the Kraken. This is possible thanks to 4 channel modes, switchable wattage (100W to 30W) and included footswitches.

Victory V130 The Super Countess Guitar Amp: Understanding The Controls

RK50 Richie Kotzen Combo

Designed with – you guessed it – Richie Kotzen, the RK50 is a single-channel amp with more gain on tap than you might think. It features a footswitchable boost to tip you into searing lead territory, a single tonepot for no-nonsense tweaking, plus onboard reverb and tremolo for bittersweet ambience. A real rocker’s toolkit that combines no-frills noise with a dynamic response.

V140 The Super Duchess

What do you get when you take the vintage powerhouse that is the Duchess, and retrofit it with 100 watts of 6L6 power, long-tank spring reverb and an extra mid-kick switch? The Super Duchess delivers stunning power and dynamics in equal measure, retaining both the vintage class and functional feature-set of the original.

V140 The Super Duchess: Understanding The Controls

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VC35 'The Copper'

Victory's VC35 'The Copper' is an EL84-driven, 35-watt head that captures the character of legendary AC-style amps from the past with some extra hot-rodded flavour! There are several modern refinements up its sleeve too, making the Victory VC35 'The Copper' a versatile, professional-grade amplifier that even modern players can get on-board with.

Victory VC35 'The Copper' Head: Hot-Rodded AC-Style Tones!

VX The Kraken

A 50-watt box of glorious gain for hard rock, metal, extended-range and progressive players. Designed alongside our pal Rabea Massaad, the Kraken offers a 50W output and 2 footswitchable channels. Gain I gives you British-inspired crunchy rhythm tones, while Gain II is focused, aggressive American high-gain. A bass focus switch lets you choose between tight/responsive or loose/resonant. There are 2 versions of the Kraken; EL34 power valves or 6L6 (Brit crunch or US high headroom).

Sheriff 22

As mentioned above, the Sheriff 22 is Victory’s take on the timeless British Plexi sound. As with its Heritage series counterpart, the 22 is a dual-channel EL84-powered head that offers bright, sparkly cleans that can be easily pushed into responsive crunch territory. Volume 2 gives you red-hot rock tones that’ll handle everything from bedroom to stadium.

V30 The Countess MkII

The Countess embodies everything that’s great about Victory. It’ll take you from chiming 6L6 cleans to fat, dynamic distortion in no time. As with the Heritage Countess model, it’s considered the ultimate valve all-rounder, but in a compact form. Up to 42W output, 2 channels, 3 modes and heaps of headroom if you need it.

Victory V30 The Countess MkII Guitar Amp: Understanding The Controls

V40 The Duchess

The Classics combined – vintage California cleans through to snarling mid-60s Brit crunch. The Compact Duchess is almost identical to its larger Heritage Series version, offering 42W output and a single-channel dual-mode operation. You miss out on the tremolo and the reverb is digital (as opposed to valve-powered), but this is a lightweight, punchy vintage-voiced amp that’ll get the job done night after night.

Victory V40 The Duchess Guitar Amp: Understanding The Controls

RK50 Richie Kotzen Signature

Same as the Heritage combo, the RK50 Compact was designed with the one and only Richie Kotzen. Single-channel design, no-frills single tone pot, and plenty of gain on tap if it calls for it. Again, you get a footswitchable boost to tip you into searing lead territory, and onboard (footswitchable) reverb and tremolo for bittersweet ambience. This thing is built to simply sound great at whatever setting - so you can concentrate on tearing it up!

RD1 Rob Chapman ‘Red Dwarf’

Rob Chapman’s signature Victory amp – it stands for Red Dwarf in case you wondered. Don’t be fooled by its unassuming compact build; this thing packs a punch. Three controls offer a no-nonsense palette, with ‘bright’ and ‘deep’ switches for you to find your voice quickly and with minimal hassle. Offering 28W of output in full power mode, it’s also no wider than an A4 sheet of paper. In the words of Rob himself: “It's a straight-ahead, giggable, no-nonsense valve amp: clean to scream at the turn of a knob.”

BD1 Rob Chapman

Not a fan of red amps? The BD1 is the same as the RD1, but with a less garish black enclosure.

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What are the Victory preamp pedals?

Exactly what they sound like – these are essentially valve-powered Victory preamp sections in pedal form! Victory proudly state that they are the first pedal-format overdrives with all-valve signal paths.

This means each one contains 4 x preamp valves and 2 channels. Plug one into your existing Victory head or your rig of choice, and you’ve got 2 new channels at your disposal. Magic. There are 3 models to choose from, as follows:

V4 The Kraken

Yep, you guessed it – the same as the VX Kraken amps. Designed with Rabea Massaad, the V4 Kraken preamp pedal offers enormous high-gain tones perfect for modern metal and extended range guitars. 2 gain modes, simple EQ controls, a bright switch – hefty.

V4 The Sheriff

The Plexi-style preamp pedal. As with the Sheriff 22/44 amps, this is golden EL84-powered grit, great for classic rock and sizzling ‘70s and ‘80s Guitar God vibes.

V4 The Countess

The ultimate all-rounder, offering 2 hugely versatile channels developed with Guthrie Govan. As with the amp versions of the Countess, the V4 allows you to go from gloriously rich cleans to dynamic distortion with ease. Perfect for guitarists on the move or with limited space.

Victory V4 Valve Preamp Pedals

Victory Guitar Cabinets

To match their stellar range of amp heads, Victory offer a great selection of specially-voiced cabinets. With a number of sizes to choose from, not only do they match Victory’s amps extremely well, but they’re super versatile – suitable for any rig.

If you’re working with limited space, need a more portable rig, or just prefer the response of a 1x12” cab, Victory have got you covered. You’ve got the closed back option with the V112-WW-65 Widebody, but the rest of the range is open-back for room-filling sound. Then there’s the variety of speakers; the V112-V comes with a Celestion Vintage 30 for deceptively modern, balanced tone, while many of the other cabs feature the G12M Creamback, much warmer and classic-sounding.

Got a bit more room or fancy making more of a racket? A 2x12” is the perfect halfway-house. Victory have plenty on offer; their 2x12” cabs are known for their vertical design. As with their 1x12” options, you get a mixture of speaker combinations to choose from depending on your preferred voice. The V212-VCD is the open-back option, while everything else is closed back for a tight, focused sound.

Which Victory amp should I buy?

An excellent question; we’re glad you asked. We’ve covered everything in the range so far – features, specifications, comparisons – but which one will suit your style? Here are a few highlights to put you on the path to tonal righteousness:

Victory amps FAQ

What Do Victory Amps Sound Like?

As a UK manufacturer, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Victory's amps all offer that sought-after UK sizzle. While that's the case with some of their amps, it's not for all of them. Victory's range is lauded on just about every front; vintage grit, Blackface-style cleans, punishing modern high-gain tones and everything in between. Long story short, if you're in the market for a valve amp, you'll find something to suit your needs in Victory's colourful roster.

What’s the difference between Victory’s Compact & Heritage Ranges?

Victory’s Heritage range is named as such because it’s inspired by classic amps. We say ‘inspired by’ because it’s not all old-school – there’s heaps of cutting-edge tone on offer. The Heritage selection includes full-size heads and combos ranging from 42W to 100W, offering high headroom and highly responsive tone.

The Compact range is exactly what it sounds like: portable valve amps. Rather than a wood and tolex frame, Victory’s Compact amps feature a skeletonised metal casing with a rubber handle. This makes them lightweight, well-ventilated and easy to set up.

Where are Victory amps made?

All of Victory’s amps are handmade in England. With a small team of engineers and craftspeople, they’re able to maintain a consistent level of QC and output. This allows them to strike the perfect balance between quality and value – it’s no wonder they’re so popular!

Who uses Victory amps?

Victory’s artist roster is ever-expanding. At the time of writing, their artist list includes the likes of Richie Kotzen, James Bay, Guthrie Govan, Graham Coxon, Chris Buck, Simon McBride, Joey Landreth, Deaf Havana and many more.

Can I plug a Victory preamp pedal directly into a cab?

Ever since their release, people have been asking this question. The answer is no – you still need a power amp. But, if you’d like to know more about how to use your V4 preamp pedal, Victory have made a handy video which does the trick. Check it out:

Can I record with a Victory preamp pedal?

Yes – you can plug it straight into your interface and sculpt it with an impulse response or cab simulator. This will give the preamp more of a full-blown amp-like character, as if you were recording a full rig – but with minimal hassle.

More info

By now, you may be feeling even more excited about your Victory amp purchase than you were before. Not only that – but hopefully you’re feeling more informed too. If you’d like to read more of our buying guides, you’ll find them here. Happy shopping, folks!

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