Kali Audio

Kali Audio

Kali Audio was formed in January 2018, but despite their youth, they are already establishing themselves as one of the leading brands within the affordable home studio market. You can expect pro-grade audio from their LP Series studio monitors.


Kali Audio produce studio monitors that are all designed in California, USA. Created by a team of experienced engineers, many of whom previously worked for leading manufacturers, these high-quality speakers unleash incredible sound.

Despite their affordability, the LP6 and LP8 monitors project audio with incredible fidelity, allowing you to mix your music with excellent precision. Featuring integrated Class D power amps, these studio monitors deliver clean, reliable power for their speakers. Also boasting dual-layer, large diameter voice coils, these help to retain clarity and definition without adding distortion. So, if you like to listen to or mix your music loud, Kali Audio's LP6 and LP8 studio monitors can handle higher volumes without sounding muddy or causing ear fatigue.

Although we sell these speakers individually, you can also take advantage of our bundle offers! Featuring speaker pairs that include stands and cables, these are perfect if you're a beginner looking to set up your first home studio.

Kali Audio Reviews

“Easily out punch models twice their price or more.” - Music Tech

"These compact monitors from new company Kali Audio strike an enticing balance between performance and affordability." - Sound on Sound

"Kali Audio has solidified themselves as not only a contender in the pro studio monitor market, but a frontrunner in studio monitor technology and advancement." - Charles Hoffman for Sonic Scoop

"Kali Audio LP-6 studio monitors: the best budget nearfields, period" - Dance Music NW