Nektar are an American company that specialise in keyboard controllers with DAW integration – perfect for the modern producer or composer! 


Over the past decade, music software has become more and more powerful, with an ever-increasing spectrum of features for music producers to play with. With this development, it became evermore complex to interact with your projects in real-time; that’s where companies like Nektar come in!

Founded in 2009, their primary goal was to bridge the gap between music software and hardware. They wanted to allow you to harness the full potential of modern, powerful production software while being able to maintain the ‘human’ element and interact with your music.

Their flagship line, the Panorama Controller Keyboards, was their first foray into the space between hardware and software. These incredibly intuitive and user-friendly units boasted full integration with Propellorhead’s Reason software, and eventually with Cubase too. Producers soon realised what this meant; free-flowing music creation with powerful features at your fingertips!

The Impact series took this one step further, boasting integration with a whopping 10 DAWs, their biggest leap yet. Their current range of controllers take various forms, from interactive USB mixer-style controllers to full-blown 88-key monsters that can take control of every aspect of your project!

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