Gibson Montana Acoustic Guitars

Gibson Montana Acoustic Guitars

The Gibson factory still produces some of the best acoustic guitars around and Gibson are certainly up there with some of the big names in the acoustic guitar world. This is a major achievement when you consider how well known and iconic their electric guitars are. The Acoustics are no different.

Iconic in every sense

Some of the most famous Gibson models include the J45 which is a round-shouldered dreadnought favoured by strummers and singer-songwriters. The Super Jumbo 200 or SJ-200 is also a classic and has been seen in the hands of players as diverse as Taylor Swift and Bob Dylan! Not to mention the Hummingbird which is a modern classic and though it may be a standard Dreadnought shape, it's not standard in terms of sound.

Gibson use only premium woods in their construction of these guitars and whilst they still produce classics, their range also consists of some forward-thinking guitars with alternative woods. Read our guide to tonewood here.

These have been designed to fit in with guitars of all styles and abilities. Nitro-cellulose is used to finish all Gibson guitars and this allows the wood to breathe naturally but also allows the guitars to age beautifully.