Paiste Cymbals

Paiste Cymbals

Paiste are one of the most miss-pronounced brand names around. It’s “Pie-Stee” not “Paste”. Now that we’ve cleared that up…


Paiste is a Swiss based company and the 3rd largest cymbal manufacturer in the world, renowned for its precision and innovation in making both cymbals and orchestral percussion.

Some of the artists that swear by Paiste’s sound are session legend, and Quincy Jones’ drummer of choice, John “JR” Robinson, Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain, The Police’s Stewart Copland and all-round drumming genius Vinnie Colaiuta with whom Paiste have released the Formula 602 Modern Essentials line.

History of Paiste

Founded in 1906 by Estonian musician Michail Toomas Paiste in St. Petersburg, Russia, the company is now based in Switzerland. Since its conception, the company has remained a family run business with the founder’s grandson Erik now at the helm.


Paiste are known for their kit cymbals, ranging from the entry level PST series, the mid-range 2002 series and their high-end Signature cymbals. They are also well known for their Gongs.

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