Christmas Gift Guide For Bass Guitarists

Musicians can sometimes be difficult to buy gifts for, especially when you consider the high prices of most music gear.

Don't fret; we've compiled a range of sub-tastic gifts for bass players just in time for your Christmas shopping!

Buying Gifts for Bassists

We've put together this simple buying guide to help you get some last-minute gifts for the bass player in your life!

We've compiled all of the best bass-related gifts we could think of, all ready for you to browse at your leisure. From simple stocking filler accessories to all-encompassing starter packs, we're sure you'll find the perfect gift in this festive guide.

Gift Vouchers

Musicians are notoriously hard to buy for - take it from us. Why not treat them to the gift of choice? 

Our gift vouchers are sent digitally and are printer friendly so you have something nice to present on Christmas day - they are available in a wide range of values from £10 to £500 and are redeemable both online and in store!

Pedals: You can never have too many!

Pedals are a perfect addition to any bassist's setup. Simple little gadgets that make a whole lot of difference to your sound, from killer rock tone to weird echoing modulation. Guaranteed inspiration for any musician! We stock everything from affordable brands like Landlord FX and Tone City to industry-leading names like Boss and Electro-Harmonix.

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Why Every Bassist Needs Spare Strings

Without strings, a guitar/bass would just be a plank of wood. Ok, we're exaggerating slightly - but you can never have too many spare strings. Whether it's just a spare set, or a premium set of fancy strings to last you months and months, a pack of proper strings will always go down well! 

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Guitar Straps: The Unsung Heroes

The unsung hero of the guitar/bass accessory world. Not only do they keep our instruments close to us at all times - they usually look pretty darn cool too. You can never go wrong with a spare strap, whether it's a fancy design or just a useful thing to keep in the case!

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Park your bass up for the night

Sometimes you don't feel like packing your instrument away every time you finish playing. Keep it out on display and ready to rock at a moment's notice; wall hangers, fold-out stands, pro-grade stage stands - an addition more useful than it seems.

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Why Every Bassist Needs a Cleaning Kit

Everyone likes a tidy instrument. A simple cleaning kit can go a long way, from keeping a bass guitar's neck clean to ensuring that your instrument stays in tune. An essential for practice, touring and the studio.

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You can play the bass with a pick!

Guitar and bass picks (or plectrums, whatever you prefer) come from a different dimension. Drop them at the right angle and they return to their transcendent plane of existence, never to be seen again. For this reason, you can never have too many picks. Most bassists prefer thicker plectrums - but a variety is never a bad thing.

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Why Every Guitarist Needs a Tuner

There isn't much worse than an instrument that's out of tune. Easily prevented; get a tuner. From as little as £12, you can keep your guitar or bass in tune at all times - a no-brainer!

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A great practice amp changes everything

It's always nice to have a decent sound when practicing, especially for electric bass players. Plugging into an interface or playing with headphones can become tedious - sometimes you just wanna plug in and make a bit of noise. That's where practice amps come in; compact, quiet, versatile and affordable!

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Protect your bass from bumps and scrapes

Keep that instrument safe and sound. At home, out and about, in the studio - whatever, wherever. From lightweight gigbags to heavy-duty hardcases, we've got plenty on offer.

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Everything you need to get going

For the prospective bass player, the budding 4-stringer who isn't quite sure where to start. Our starter packs come with everything you need to get going. The best bit? They're all designed to be affordable and versatile - minimum hassle, maximum inspiration. 

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